Second Try

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Hello to Everybody…

Yesterday evening I did my second journey with my aneros.
This time I decide to do it alone, without the training of the CD.
I inserted the SGX more gently than the first time, let him entering slowly and gently and this also was appreciated to my body that this second time didn't feel the Aneros so present in my anus.

The only strange thing that I'm thinking about is that when it slide in, the perineum tab presses my skin even if i don't contract my muscle. So my question is: do you think that sgx is too short for my body, or this is normal?

I lay on my back and afer a 10 minutes or more of relaxation i start to squeeze my muscle, but this time i try to focus the perineum muscle insted the anus. This was very pleasant and exciting for me. My legs start to have a slight shaking motion, but controllable my me.

I did this repeating a sequence of squeezing and time for relaxing and I start to feel now my prostate.

I change position a couple of time, on each side, on my back than I try a "doggy style".

I start to breath and I understand now that I can do another thing with my aneros: trying to release the tension from my anus after a squeeze. This thing move just a little bit outside the SGX and produce a more intense massage to me.

I came back to relax and lay on my back, I start to touch my body and a shiver spreads on my body.
I touch my balls and I found my dick really wet.

I continued to do a sequence of contraction and relaxation.

All the session was about 2 hour long and, I must admit it was more interesting than the first time.

That's all. I wait your reply and comments.