Becoming wedded to a particular toy or toys

Even though my Vice, Classic, SGX and -syn provide unique pleasures they don't match the orgasmic delight I get from my two 'main movers.' At this point in my Journey I find myself orgasmically wedded to my unmodified Helix and Eupho.

Helix was my first Aneros toy and with minimal preparation is a 'fast start' for me. Within just a few moments it fires up my nips, builds warmth in my DanTien, forges a bond throughout my body core and starts the flood of endorphins that will enhance orgasm. Helix seems to sound the fanfare for each abdominal contraction which, in turn escort each dry-O during a chain of pleasure.

Although my first full body-brain Super-O was with Helix, more often this tool leads me through cycles of strong downward energy moves along my central core, each 'pressurizing' my lower abdomen with orgasmic energy. Even though Helix is the trigger for orgasm, it seems to be a continuous player, and keeps my whole perineal-anorectal complex in the game throughout the session. Throughout this, I visualize Helix as 'nibbling' away at the edges of my prostate.

In sharp contrast, my Eupho sessions are highly ritualized, start physically (with Maximus) then employ extended Zazen meditation to 'zero-out' my physical and mental processes. Once quieted, I allow the faint pleasures to slowly grow as Eupho 'explores' the folds, nooks and crannies of my interior. The resulting build seems mostly mental and grows into intense mental imagery that sometimes elevates me to an extreme of perceived spiritual vision. By that time, Eupho 'fades out' and I'm sustained by my mind and my mind's-eye.

My 'matings' to Helix and Eupho have endured the intrusion of other 'hussies' in my toy box, much as though I had consummated a strong vow to these two toys. For some unknown reason I tend to think of Eupho as very female. In contrast Maximus seems male and Helix is rather neutral.

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful rook!!!

    Your Eupho/Zazen sessions and imagery experiences are so like what I called then my Intellectual Orgasms in mid-teens, yet were clearly from a mature perspective spiritual in nature too.

    Onward my friend!!

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