Spring 2012 – Fully Immersed

As Spring came on this year my wife was required to be away from home for a few weeks. We hate to be apart, and I dreaded it. But I also know that I make my best progress with Aneros play when I have privacy. For me, knowing that there is no one around gives me the freedom to really shout and moan and reach further into my fantasies, to say what I want from my imaginary lover.

Several things really accelerated my experiences at this time. First, I ordered the "Hypoaerosession" CD downloads. My first session using this turned out to be my best, and gave me new concepts to think about. These concepts are, first, security: I articulate that I am safe to do this and that it is good. Second, I think about "what it is that I want." "What do you want? What do you want?" Answering this question always pushes me into greater arousal.

Around the same time, I purchased the Helix Syn. I really like getting my perineum pounded, but now find that I like the more subtle tickling of the P-tab on the Helix Syn. And it seems to me to be a warmer, softer f**k inside me.

Everything seemed to come together for me. I was becoming aware of some great variables to play around with: cannabis, hypnotic music, position, which toy, relaxation, KSMO techniques, and fantasy/visualization.

Having a few weeks of privacy and the opportunity to put all of this into practice seemed to put me into a new place entirely. I believe I am completely rewired, and I feel sensations much of the time, certainly whenever I think about it for a moment. I have been learning about "amygdala tickling/clicking forward" from the books by Neil Slade, and while I don't know what the outcome will be, I already recognize a "consciousness" or "fuller realization" of here-and-now. I think this amygdala clicking is what is helping me be more aware of the sensations. Powerful sensations are just under the surface. I *click* and become conscious of them.