Rolling Balls and Tingling Foreskin

It's a quiet afternoon for a change; and, I'm sitting in my office chair — leaning a bit forward typing this entry. I've just taken a deep full-belly breath, let it out, and meditate upon the joyful radiations and tinglings moving outward from behind my sac, into my scrotum, balls and up through my shaft to the very tip of my foreskin. You would think that after 3 years now, such an experience would become boring or at least diminish BUT it doesn't! The afterglow continued from this morning's short solo time of massage.

When I awoke, my Beloved had already arisen and left the bedroom. It was chilly, so I pulled the blankets up over my shoulders. The clock said I had only 30 minutes left before taking on the new day beyond. I started to massage my breasts firmly in circular motions. After several minutes I moved my hands down to the top of my short-haired bush and started some firm circular motions with two fingers on each hand — exploring the area for just the right spot AND then I found it. I massaged this spot and soon I could feel my prostate awakening underneath. Deep miniwaves rolled into larger ones until my left breast clenched hard followed (almost immediately) by a dry O. My fingers moved downward and pressed firmly into the depressin on top of the base of my cock. Again the waves built and CLENCHED.

As the clock quickly ticked the minutes away, I rolled from my back onto my left side, reached my right arm around to my butt crack, slid my middle finger down over my anus until it reached the base of my sac. Slightly pressing downward on my raphe, I tickled the cord underneath until another CLENCH. Quickly my middle finger moved back to my sweet spot between my anus and cock root — firm pressure and CLENCH!

Without missing a beat, I moistened my middle finger with saliva, pressed it against my anus, in through my sphincters and snuggled it against my waiting prostate. "Come here" my finger motioned; and, it did! Repeated clenches and a series of orgasms later, I withdrew my finger, moistened my thumb and inserted it also. I've found my thumb always inserts easily and gives a whole new world of contact and sensation — each small rotation brings forth a new buffet of joy.

Butt, alas, the clock signaled the need to move on. I had planned for a regular aneros session — would have to wait. What DID happen, however, has continued some 8 hours later; and, now, as I prepare to end this submission, my manly equipment below STILL roll on with fullness and yes, satisfaction.

I continue to praise my creator God for this journey! I praise Him and Him alone for these blessed gifts of joy. His anchor holds! I recently heard that God loves me as much today, as He did yesterday and will tomorrow! I believe this; and, because of this, I accepted His gifts with praise and Thanksgiving.

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  1. Wonderful, always all ways wonderful STARR831!!! Praise and thanksgiving; celebration and gratitude are key whole being energizers along this journey!!

    Thanks as always for your luminous lovely sensual posts my friend. All the very best to/for you both!!

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