The "Golden Years" Are Here

It's been quite some time since I entered anything into my blog. I've been on my aneros journey for over 6 years now; and, I've recently retired – some 4 weeks ago. I haven't found a new rhythm in my daily schedule yet. A couple of health issues have arisen in the past 3 weeks, with eye surgery scheduled for next week. I find myself with time on my hands and wanting more than ever to share with like-minded men — who thus far have been very elusive. As the days slip by, I am constantly reminded that the "Golden Years" are here for better or worse. I have come to the conclusion that I'd better use whatever means of arousal I can get while I can still get aroused – not clear sailing though for a straight but curious Christian guy.

A-Less — NEVER Far Away

It's been raining off and on here; and, the sun is just now trying to come out for a bit. I'm home —trying to take a few days off from work — something going on in my chest but I'm trying to ignore it. While alone for a bit, I decided to sit a bit and relax here with my computer. I'm leaning back in my old office chair with my legs spread. Peace, blessed peace surrounds me, and my sac and balls are rolling ever so gently — sending a wonderful sense of warmth and fullness outward and beyond. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, thanking God for these moments — just He and I. The warmth slowly spreads back to my butt cheeks and hole — my perineum swells; and, I rejoice. My prostate starts to pulse slowly in rhythm to the life that surrounds me at the moment. Slowly I breathe in and out — the warmth expands. A tightness forms in my hole and tightens more — pulsing more distinctly as my cock comes alive. What a joyous feeling — tighter and tighter. I can hear the pressure building in my ear — another deep breath. My hole pulses, my lips tingle. Another deep breath, another breath and another. O Lord I thank you! Tighter, tighter and tighter still. How I wish I could share this joy! Tighter and tighter, my ass swells and tightens — higher and higher — a deep deep breath as my hole tightens even more. My prostate pulses harder–my breast contorts — OOOOOOO! Even tighter — my cock sucks in and tightens more, more, more — my hole continues to tighten; and, the base of my cock is in sinc with my hole, Again my breast contorts — precum pumps through my cock and drools out over the end of my foreskin. Again my ass tightens, more cock pulses — three more pulses surge up through my flacid cock . My lips tingle and my hole pulses. What amazing joy! How I pray I could connect with each of you now to share this joy of which no words can describe in truth!!! Relaxing now. My ass and butt cheeks release the tension that had built. My cock still lies in flacid. Joy — as the glow of the past few moments washes over and over my manly parts. Praise be to God!

Beyond …

My hole yearned to embrace an aneros — it had been since Monday. I yawned; and immediately, my old frame was gripped in a full-body orgasm. I had 30 minutes at most; butt, it would be worth it. I quickly lubed my ass and eupho, bent my knees halfway to my chest, and slowly slid my cool, cool eupho in through my yearning sphincters. I immediately focused on sharing these moments with my God — in praise, intense and total praise and thanksgiving I fully believe my creation is no hap-hazard quirk of chance, rather a carefully thought out work of intricate creation — deep within the darkness of my mother's womb.

The winter here in Maine was harsh; and, my body was wracked with repeated viruses. It has been just over two weeks since the last virus left me unconscious on our bathroom floor. Needless to say, my aneros sessions have been few and far between. I have come to cherish each and every one of them as nothing short of a blessing — I take none of them for granted!

Shortly after my eupho slid firmly up against my prostate, my ass tightened, my left breast convulsed and my prostate started to orgasm — nothing unusual. What was unusual developed when my first O did not release; but, instead recycled and caused my ass and prostate to continue to ratchet to another level of tightness — no refractory period!

Never Far Away

It has been a while since my last blog entry. As the days slip by one into another, I realize it's been four years since I started my aneros journey. I'm now quickly approaching 64; and, issues of aging and related health issues crowd close and tempt to overwhelm at times. This afternoon, I sit by my open office window — feeling the Spring breeze upon my bare arms and face — it's been a busy day — time to sit and reflect a bit.

As I type, I'm also aware of the slow pulse within my prostate – now spreading gently into my balls —prodding me to remember this morning's early session — a duet with my trusty mgx leading off and my ice finishing. My sessions continue to take place every other day; and, yes, they are usually sessions where I start off with either my favorite eupho or mgx and finishing up with my ice. Lately, I've been using my new lube, Slippery Stuff, injecting directly into my rectum and lubing generously my tools.

This morning was no different. I slid my mgx in through my anus; and, it instantly snuggled against my prostate. I lay still, on my left side with my knees bent upwards towards my chest. I connected with God and praised Him for this time alone with Him — blessed by unspeakable joy — never to be taken for granted. After a few moments, my prostate started to ramp up — subtly at first butt then more aggressively. Nowadays, my O's cascade upwards without breaking in between. The first contraction set off a series of O's that clamped tighter and tighter — one after another. My cock gave the sensation of erecting as my foreskin seemed to slide back; and, it wasn't long before precum was being forced from within to drool onto my leg.

Rolling Balls and Tingling Foreskin

It's a quiet afternoon for a change; and, I'm sitting in my office chair — leaning a bit forward typing this entry. I've just taken a deep full-belly breath, let it out, and meditate upon the joyful radiations and tinglings moving outward from behind my sac, into my scrotum, balls and up through my shaft to the very tip of my foreskin. You would think that after 3 years now, such an experience would become boring or at least diminish BUT it doesn't! The afterglow continued from this morning's short solo time of massage.

When I awoke, my Beloved had already arisen and left the bedroom. It was chilly, so I pulled the blankets up over my shoulders. The clock said I had only 30 minutes left before taking on the new day beyond. I started to massage my breasts firmly in circular motions. After several minutes I moved my hands down to the top of my short-haired bush and started some firm circular motions with two fingers on each hand — exploring the area for just the right spot AND then I found it. I massaged this spot and soon I could feel my prostate awakening underneath. Deep miniwaves rolled into larger ones until my left breast clenched hard followed (almost immediately) by a dry O. My fingers moved downward and pressed firmly into the depressin on top of the base of my cock. Again the waves built and CLENCHED.

A New Year — Off and Running!

Another day, another birthday and another session — each a gift, a blessing to cherish in this journey of life! It is now afternoon; and, as I sit in my chair typing, the fullness of my prostate radiates warmth and delight upwards and throughout my scrotum, balls and cock — the afterglow of my synthro session this early morning.

It was early as I lay spreaad-eagle and nude in my bed with the peacefull coolness of a new Maine day surrounding me. My prayers said, I was completely relaxed — contemplating the milestone of reaching 63 years. I looked forward to sharing the day with my Beloved and grandson (as I had the day off from work) and, later on, with relatives and friends. Now, however, was my time — alone with myself and my God.

I lubed my anus well and then my syn, assumed my usual position on my left side w/my legs in a semifetal position, and gently slid my syn in through my sphincter rings. I love my syn. It seems to have two modes — a gentle persistent presence when my Beloved inserts it before each of our snuggle times and an aggressive mode when I use it solo. This morning, it was obvious, we were alone. After a little teasing as I tried to insert, once in, it instantly took over and grabbed my prostate with its velvety assertiveness.