Beyond …

My hole yearned to embrace an aneros — it had been since Monday. I yawned; and immediately, my old frame was gripped in a full-body orgasm. I had 30 minutes at most; butt, it would be worth it. I quickly lubed my ass and eupho, bent my knees halfway to my chest, and slowly slid my cool, cool eupho in through my yearning sphincters. I immediately focused on sharing these moments with my God — in praise, intense and total praise and thanksgiving I fully believe my creation is no hap-hazard quirk of chance, rather a carefully thought out work of intricate creation — deep within the darkness of my mother's womb.

The winter here in Maine was harsh; and, my body was wracked with repeated viruses. It has been just over two weeks since the last virus left me unconscious on our bathroom floor. Needless to say, my aneros sessions have been few and far between. I have come to cherish each and every one of them as nothing short of a blessing — I take none of them for granted!

Shortly after my eupho slid firmly up against my prostate, my ass tightened, my left breast convulsed and my prostate started to orgasm — nothing unusual. What was unusual developed when my first O did not release; but, instead recycled and caused my ass and prostate to continue to ratchet to another level of tightness — no refractory period!

My praises to God remained focused. My acknowledgement of His worthiness reached symphonic levels. I leaned my right shoulder towards my pillow and reached for my right breast with my left hand. by now, I could easily locate two nodes an inch to the right of my nipple. I massaged them firmly — almost playing them like the keys of a keyboard.

My ass puckered tighter and tighter as my prostate forced precum again and again out through my flaccid cock 'til precum drooled down the inside of my leg. Again and again O's cascaded throughout my 64+ year old frame AND again and again my praises to God lifted upwards to His heavenly throne.

To know such powerful and intense joy after a season of such misery is an experience that defies words. In essence, this morning's aneros session was a 30 minute continuous super-O; a 30 minute period of extreme praise to God and 30 minutes of realizing again how fearfully and wonderfully made my male body REALLY is! The connection of my breast nodes to my prostate, testicles, anus and cock is allowing each new session to access new levels of intensity and levels praise.

My ride to work only brought more pulsations and pleasure. As I sit here in my office chair, my whole perineum is swollen and pulsating — as if to magnify of my God-provided joy beyond …

While the time since my last post has slipped by quickly, I still yearn to share with other men the fullness of our God-given lives and the awesome blessing of our sexual journies as men.