Never Far Away

It has been a while since my last blog entry. As the days slip by one into another, I realize it's been four years since I started my aneros journey. I'm now quickly approaching 64; and, issues of aging and related health issues crowd close and tempt to overwhelm at times. This afternoon, I sit by my open office window — feeling the Spring breeze upon my bare arms and face — it's been a busy day — time to sit and reflect a bit.

As I type, I'm also aware of the slow pulse within my prostate – now spreading gently into my balls —prodding me to remember this morning's early session — a duet with my trusty mgx leading off and my ice finishing. My sessions continue to take place every other day; and, yes, they are usually sessions where I start off with either my favorite eupho or mgx and finishing up with my ice. Lately, I've been using my new lube, Slippery Stuff, injecting directly into my rectum and lubing generously my tools.

This morning was no different. I slid my mgx in through my anus; and, it instantly snuggled against my prostate. I lay still, on my left side with my knees bent upwards towards my chest. I connected with God and praised Him for this time alone with Him — blessed by unspeakable joy — never to be taken for granted. After a few moments, my prostate started to ramp up — subtly at first butt then more aggressively. Nowadays, my O's cascade upwards without breaking in between. The first contraction set off a series of O's that clamped tighter and tighter — one after another. My cock gave the sensation of erecting as my foreskin seemed to slide back; and, it wasn't long before precum was being forced from within to drool onto my leg.

The clock seemed to tick faster; and, I knew I needed to give my ice a turn BUTT at the same time, I really didn't want to end my magx's fantastic dance. As I slid my mgx out through my anus, I was blessed with a wonderfully tight and arousing O — thank you my creator God for this time!

My ice quickly took over and drove deep and upwards. It seemed to almost slide directly into my cock shaft as it settled in. My O's were intense; and, I clasped my two hands together to focus and ride them out. I prayed for a close brother who so much wants to experience such joy. The clock seemed to tick even faster.

I rolled a bit to my right and started to caress my right breast with the palm of my left hand-soon feeling the mammary glands between my nipple & arm pit. They seemed aroused. As I manipulated them they seemed to drive the intensity of my orgasms — I was in awe again as to the fearful and wonderful way in which my God had knit me together within my mother's womb!

Alas, the clock was winning again. Super O's rebounded again and again – shaking my frame from head to toe; butt, I knew I had to withdraw and focus on the new day I had been blessed to live. My ice reluctantly slid out through my slippery anus AND CLENCH! another good-by O.

Lying on my back, with my knees bent towards my chest, I slid in two fingers for a quick farewell tickle of my prostate — it was supple and received the gesture well. Ending with a quick "tiny-circle" dance on my frenulum, cum spurted from my cock slit as if to christen the God-given day ahead.

And now, the clock on my wall says it's time to transition again. But as I do, the afterglow of this morning's session is never far away. I've come to welcome the glow below whenever it shines and wherever it may go. Such a sense of fullness and balance, intensity and peace — an ever present reminder of my God's love and provision!

May you know the joy of His presence as you go forth into the night ahead!


  1. What a wonderful account of the sublime powers of the male body knit together masterfully and fearfully by our wonderful creator and master.

    And to think you were praying for a freind that wants this rewiring. How beautiful a life you lead, bro.

    Keep posting and keep your admirable and true perspective in all that you are enjoying.

    Thanks for posting. Lets hear more.

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