A New Year — Off and Running!

Another day, another birthday and another session — each a gift, a blessing to cherish in this journey of life! It is now afternoon; and, as I sit in my chair typing, the fullness of my prostate radiates warmth and delight upwards and throughout my scrotum, balls and cock — the afterglow of my synthro session this early morning.

It was early as I lay spreaad-eagle and nude in my bed with the peacefull coolness of a new Maine day surrounding me. My prayers said, I was completely relaxed — contemplating the milestone of reaching 63 years. I looked forward to sharing the day with my Beloved and grandson (as I had the day off from work) and, later on, with relatives and friends. Now, however, was my time — alone with myself and my God.

I lubed my anus well and then my syn, assumed my usual position on my left side w/my legs in a semifetal position, and gently slid my syn in through my sphincter rings. I love my syn. It seems to have two modes — a gentle persistent presence when my Beloved inserts it before each of our snuggle times and an aggressive mode when I use it solo. This morning, it was obvious, we were alone. After a little teasing as I tried to insert, once in, it instantly took over and grabbed my prostate with its velvety assertiveness.

As my journey has progressed, my O's and super-O's have extended more and more. This morning, my syn skillfully orchestrated a continual series of O's and supers — building layer upon layer until grabbing and shaking my body with intensity. Time and time again, shimmering bolts of energy grabbed my prostate and lifted me to heights above and beyond — causing me to fly off the mountain top and to swoop into my Beloved's presence.

In fact, as I continue writing, my afterglow is assuming a life of its own, lifting me almost out of my chair. I remember, sometime into this morning's session, a surge of precum dropping from the tip of my foreskin and drooling slowly down the inside of my leg. My cock even swelled to rest heavily and warmly on my bush. I lifted my paises to God; and, thanked Him for creating me, protecting me, providing for my every need!

As with all sessions, the time (no matter how long I have) always slips by too quickly. This session had been special! I withdrew my syn, lifted both legs off my bed, and slid two of my fingers into my rectum, and gently teased my engorged prostate further.

A few more final slow deep breaths, another "praise be to God"; and, my new year was off and running.


  1. Many Happy Returns of This Day STARR831!!!

    Dear Friend, "Blessings Abound" indeed and I am thrilled to hear that you too are having such wonderful result with your Syn. Having been unsuccessful only with Helix among the previous models, I was and am thrilled with the astounding and more widely varied results I am getting with my Syn, both solo and with my dear wife Mrs. a!!

    all the very best of continuing blessings to/for you two


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  2. Hi STARR831 (Gary),

    If you have celebrated your birthday today, I would like to greet you on your big day. Many happy returns!
    What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, but an Aneros Helix Syn!

    I believe we are about the same age. It was the Helix Syn which introduced me to the Aneros sessions which began in early June this week.

    But in recent weeks I have been using the Maximus as well. The Maximus has given me some great sessions as well.

    Anyway, in the meantime, I wish both you and your wife and your whole family a happy year coming up.


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