A-Less — NEVER Far Away

It's been raining off and on here; and, the sun is just now trying to come out for a bit. I'm home —trying to take a few days off from work — something going on in my chest but I'm trying to ignore it. While alone for a bit, I decided to sit a bit and relax here with my computer. I'm leaning back in my old office chair with my legs spread. Peace, blessed peace surrounds me, and my sac and balls are rolling ever so gently — sending a wonderful sense of warmth and fullness outward and beyond. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, thanking God for these moments — just He and I. The warmth slowly spreads back to my butt cheeks and hole — my perineum swells; and, I rejoice. My prostate starts to pulse slowly in rhythm to the life that surrounds me at the moment. Slowly I breathe in and out — the warmth expands. A tightness forms in my hole and tightens more — pulsing more distinctly as my cock comes alive. What a joyous feeling — tighter and tighter. I can hear the pressure building in my ear — another deep breath. My hole pulses, my lips tingle. Another deep breath, another breath and another. O Lord I thank you! Tighter, tighter and tighter still. How I wish I could share this joy! Tighter and tighter, my ass swells and tightens — higher and higher — a deep deep breath as my hole tightens even more. My prostate pulses harder–my breast contorts — OOOOOOO! Even tighter — my cock sucks in and tightens more, more, more — my hole continues to tighten; and, the base of my cock is in sinc with my hole, Again my breast contorts — precum pumps through my cock and drools out over the end of my foreskin. Again my ass tightens, more cock pulses — three more pulses surge up through my flacid cock . My lips tingle and my hole pulses. What amazing joy! How I pray I could connect with each of you now to share this joy of which no words can describe in truth!!! Relaxing now. My ass and butt cheeks release the tension that had built. My cock still lies in flacid. Joy — as the glow of the past few moments washes over and over my manly parts. Praise be to God!

It is a challenge to remember the sequence of events and to accurately describe any session AFTER the fact. During the above less session, I simply closed my eyes and typed as my session unfolded — editing somewhat afterwards.

My ride continues to be a welcomed blessing from a way too busy and stressful world. Would love to share more as another cold and snowy winter prepares to overtake us here in Maine!

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-less-never-far-away/