The Progasm Classic, Maximus, & Progasm Ice : My Big Buddies : October 5 & 8 Sessions

Hi guys,

These days I am really getting into the Aneros big time with the heavy artillery of the Progasm Classic, Maximus, and Progasm Ice! I am finally blogging about my two sessions which I had with these models first early last Friday morning on October 5 and then this morning. I feel so sexy right now because my well massaged prostate feels like a revved up high octane V8 engine right now!

Friday morning I began with the Progasm Classic. He inserted far more easily than in earlier sessions although not the hilt. I spent a good ten to fifteen minutes performing Kegels upon him. He felt better inserted although peristalsis set in, but clearly I was making progress with him. Then I continued with the Maximus which gave my prostate and anal muscles perhaps a good 75 minute workout.

Next I decided to do something entirely different. I brought out the Progasm Ice for the first time which I purchased at reduced price from in early August. What amazed me was that my new big buddy slipped so easily and smoothly to the hilt. Intense pleasure began to suffuse not only my anal tract but also my whole body. Again I performed the Kegels upon this guy along with short periods of stillness the Progasm Ice and my body to get acquainted for perhaps fifteen minutes. This sort of introduction began to feel real GOOD to me, although again I had to deal with it slipping out through peristalsis.

Friday's session concluded with perhaps an half an hour again with the Maximus, but fatigue and some slight discomfort brought the session to the end.

A sweet afterglow continued through the remainder of Friday and even carried into Saturday. I could have had a session my big buddies yesterday afternoon after church, but put it off until early this morning.

This morning's session began around 7 a.m. with the Progasm Classic. My big bruiser slipped in surprisingly easily to the hilt. After performing Kegels upon him and getting used to him inserted, this morning I placed my butt upon a folded pillow. The Progasm Classic gave me a fairly good prostate and anal canal massage for another fifteen minutes although I noticed that he was beginning to slip out at the end of my time with him.

I then returned with the Maximus. We spent perhaps a good 30 minutes together during I could feel him autof**king my prostate and anal sphincter. His massage motion seemed to facile and effortless which produced in me crescendos of intense pleasure. I was lost in innumerable P-waves and mini-O's as I stimulated my nipples and caressed my thighs.

Now the Progasm Ice was truly the piece de resistance as his girth slipped in me so easily and effortlessly this morning to the hilt with both its P-tab and K-tab perfectly situated. He gave me such an aggressive and robust massage that just thinking about it causes me to Kegel right now in sweet remembrance! I must have spent a good 45 minutes with my hot guy absolutely lost in his autof**king and paroxysms of sweet pleasure.

Finally I spent another 15 to 20 minutes with the Maximus with more pleasurable massage action and no discomfort whatsoever. Length of both Friday and today's sessions must have been a good two hours a piece.

Close to seven hours have elapsed since this morning's session now. It now appears that both my Kegel Exercises and Anerosing are closely related. Both exist for each other. Also my penis feels so intimately connected to my awakened prostate! I can't wait for my next session early Wednesday morning!