Inspiration for title Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum: Session for Friday Oct. 17, 2012

Hi guys,

When I began this blog early last June, I wanted a catchy title which describes my recording in detail my sessions with the Aneros. I settled upon the title, "Gradus ad Aneros Parnassum." When I was a boy growing up in Litchfield, CT about fifty years ago, I had a good seven years of piano lessons under Cousin Bessie Dickenson, who had a long tenure as organist at the historic First Congregational Church in Litchfield, our family church, on the town green. She was a close relative to our family. Cousin Bessie taught me to play the scales on the piano and introduced me to piano works by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. I was not one of her best piano students, but under her tutelage, I certainly learned to read musical scores.

Cousin Bessie practiced long hours at the organ at First Church into her seventies. She even took organ lessons into her seventies from more accomplished organists in Litchfield County. Cousin Bessie also introduced me to a book of piano studies or etudes by the 19th century Austrian composer, Carl Czerny. This book was entitled, Gradus ad Parnassum, or "Steps to Parnassus." The word 'gradus' is actually the Latin plural for 'step.' Parnassus is a mountain in Central Greece with ancient Greek mythological associations near the ancient city of Delphi. Other composers used this same title for musical studies for their students. I enjoyed very much using Carl Czerny's entertaining piano studies even into college. One of my greatest regrets in life is that I didn't keep up with the piano. But when I moved to other parts of our country and tried to make a living, it was rare that I had daily access to a piano. Although when took my present apartment here in June 1986, I could have easily bought an inexpensive digital keyboard with earphones, so I could practice at any hour without disturbing my neighbors.

The Aneros prostate massagers are easily transportable. Many men take them on the road for business trips, or even on vacation. The Aneros operates best when you can work at it at on a regular schedule. The Aneros web site advises at least a day of downtime between sessions so as to enable the body to recharge itself. So now I have discovered recently that I can have my sessions first thing in the morning for two hours Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Recently also I have thrown in a session on late Saturday afternoons for perhaps two hours. There is very little activity for distraction at my apartment building at these hours so that I can focus on my sessions. The benefits have been immeasurable!

Generally I like to begin a session with my good buddy, the Maximus. He slips in easily to the hilt. Then I continue with the Progasm Ice. This big buddy also slips in easily to the hilt, with both P and K tabs correctly positioned or "locked" into place. Now I have discovered that the Progasm Ice has introduced me well to his big brother, the Progasm Classic. So here is my tentative order of Aneros models for a typical session: (1) Maximus, (2) Progasm Ice, (3) Progasm Classic, (4) Maximus, (5) Progasm Ice, (6) Progasm Classic. This order may vary, but generally I spend a good twenty or thirty minutes each in these blocks of time. This order is analogous to various weight training devices. Guys into weight training can attest to such a discipline. Likewise in weight training, a guy may have repetitions of varying number with various weights. Likewise a swimmer in lap swimming may vary his strokes or the number of laps with a stroke. The Aneros is no different.

Also in working with my big buddies, I like to focus upon the sensations experienced as I breathe rhythmically with Kegels thrown in at regular intervals, at the crescendos of P-waves occurring, and especially letting go to enjoy where a session with either the Maximus, Progasm Classic, or Progasm Ice may take me. Perhaps a Super-O may then occur! Also recently I have introduced strong Kegels with long, hard clutches which propel these models real deep thus massaging the entire length of my prostate, and even massaging my ampullae and vasa differens where my spermatozoa are stored, and also giving my anal canal a good workout. I give generally five or ten reps of these good, hard strokes or fucks with each model. Intense P-waves build as I do these repetitions.

In closing, I worked well with the Maximus and Progasm Ice this morning. But I am making also good, solid progress with big bruiser Progasm Classic as well. Total time this morning was two hours. And boy, what an afterglow of complete satisfaction as I compose this blog entry!

P.S. If the links to Wikipedia articles to Carl Czerny and Gradus ad Parnassum do not give the articles, please Google them.