Chat to the max!

Over the top Mutual Aneros session through chat.

After having just discovered return of Aneros Chat center, I was hanging by myself when one other member popped in. After some back and forth discovery of the cool new chat features, we got down to swapping stories and techniques.

As always for me, I was riding while chatting. Soon the conversation veered towards how I was doing (great as always) and the sensations of my session. As I described in detail how my PRO was driving me crazy, could tell chat buddy was starting to feel it.

Popped into PM and buddy came right out and said my commentary got him so aroused he started impromptu Eupho session.

Initially, we went back and forth describing our sessions to each other. However, when first Super-O hit it went into overdrive! Chat filled with expletives and many misspellings!

We started ordering each other around. Squeeze… Release… Tweak your nipples. Stand-up. Sit-down. Pull you cock. Spread you ass. Drive it deeper. As Orgasms approached chat filled with superlatives driving to drive each other's pleasure higher and higher. No sooner had one wave of Super-O's passed and we were off on another roller-coaster!

The chat and session kept getting better and more animalistic. The sharing of our pleasures had us so hyped up on orgasmic energy it was overwhelming at times. We even got to a point where we had to stop for a little bit to relax and take a water break.

When we started again, my buddy switched from Eupho to Pro since I had been posting how awesome full ass and hard prostate pleasure was. Pro isn't his favorite model due to size, so I coaxed him through insertion. I got downright lewd, telling him to revel in the feeling of his ass trying to stretch to accommodate the Pro's size; Once head was in, admit he liked getting violated by the Pro and to drive it home. Squeeze tight and hold on!

We went on four ~4hrs and too many Super-Os to count. By far this was my best Aneros session ever. Just like Sex when you're in love, I fed off my buddy's energy, enhancing my pleasure. So great to have a place to cum and enjoy prostate pleasure together!