Weekend Alone – BIG fun!

So every couple of weeks my parents leave to spend a weekend at the log home we recently had built upstate, and my sister tends to find something to do without such "restrictions" being present. I have quickly learned to appreciate this time I get to myself which is generally sparse after returning home from being on my own at school after the past five years. So Friday I fully cleaned out and spent a solid hour with my njoy fun wand. I started out with the beaded end slowly teasing myself, reveling in the sensations of each bulb stretching and moving through my sphincter, stimulating my prostate as well. This might have been the best sessions yet I have had with this toy, now I know how to properly use the toy for best results. After about 15-20 minutes of that, I switched to the other end favoring a more direct prostate massage. Fantastic – with the right amount of pressure I carefully but firmly massaged the entirety of my prostate for the rest of the time. I finished the session feeling very happy with the experience.
Now Saturday I decided to have a session with the progasm in the late afternoon. The past few weeks I have been using the helix exclusively so I figured it was time for a bit of a switch up. Emptied out, got myself revved up with some porn and erotic touching and slowly inserted my warmed up progasm (in water) with silicone lube. By the way, my favored position with the progasm is on my back with a pillow underneath and my arms underneath the pillow – I feel it gives me great prostate contact as well as contact with the k-tab, plus I like the feeling of my arms being "restrained". The whole session lasted for about an hour and was very pleasurable, just as good as any other i'd say. As always I love the fuller feeling, the rounded p-tab, and the wonderful k-tab. Things settled down so feeling content I ended it, toying with the idea of doing another later simply because I have the whole place to myself still and why not.
Well approximately five or six hours passed as I spent my time with other activities to occupy my time by which point it was around two in the morning. I considered going to bed but ultimately decided I was really in the mood for another session – not like I had to wake up early or do anything the next day. So in goes the progasm and I spent the first 10-15 minutes relaxing with the do-nothing approach to let my body adjust. As I breathe and focus on relaxing, I notice the pleasure in my prostate grow – now this is not an uncommon occurrence but the magnitude was surely a new experience! From no contractions and just the contact alone I was getting so excited and the pleasure was mounting up to such a high level that it was VERY orgasmic. After enjoying that for a few minutes I began light anal contractions which very effectively teased and stimulated my prostate – in fact the entire region including the prostate, anal canal, and sphincter (the thick stem is soo nice on the progasm) were incredibly sensitive. I slowly began to increase the strength and duration of the contractions and my pc muscle became integrated as well. Soon I became very loose and the involuntaries took control. OMG it was so intense as I tried to limit the movements of my body to the pelvic area and quiet the rest of my body, with great results. This period of great intensity lasted maybe 10-15 minutes before it settled down a little. As i caught my breath and continued to slowly stimulate my prostate, I became increasingly sensitive and was appreciating the calm unending orgasmic sensations. And then it happens again except many times more intense this time – it was absolutely wild. My breathing was heavy all the while my pc and sphincter muscles were contracting hard and sporadically! I became very vocal, more than I have ever been and it seemed to increase the pleasure and keep things going. While it is hard to tell (or care) when things get to this point I would say that the ecstasy lasted for approximately another 15 minutes. I then entered a very relaxed state, just reveling in the intensity I had just experienced. My pc/sphincter muscles still lightly twitching and throbbing, still pleasing me. I lay there marveling at what had just come over me for a while longer before I decided to call it for the night before daylight crept in.