1st Session

Received my Helix in the mail today and had my first session.

I will say that I was a bit nervous about this whole thing at the beginning.

After a long relaxing shower I retreated to the bedroom to begin. I was pleasantly surprised at how the Aneros fit into my body. After prepping it with ID I laid on my side, hips cocked, and began to insert the Aneros. I reached a point where it was automatically drawn in. This was a bit of a shock, yet surprisingly comfortable. I laid there and relaxed for a few minutes and just took in the new feelings. After a while I began to make a series of small anal contraction. I would work them in series of 5 to 10 contractions, never really keeping count, then relax for a few seconds. After a few sets I had this strange feeling. I would have this urge to contract while I would be resting, like a sort of tension. And then I had what I would call echo contractions. After I would release a contraction I would have 3 to 5 small twitches in quick succession follow. After working with this for a few minutes I completely lost control of the contractions, I just let them do their thing. This lasted for maybe 2 minutes. Then as quickly as thing got ramped up it all just kind of tapered out. I attempted to regain the previous involuntary contractions but to no avail. Then after a while I just decided to end the session. From what I have read on the forums there is no point in trying to force something to happen, it will only hold you back.

In the end I didn't have any mind blowing sensations, but just to experience those few minutes of involuntary contractions was pretty awesome, and all from this little devise.

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  1. Hi Gulf_Guru,

    Congratulations on your maiden voyage with your Helix Syn. That is the model that I began with when I began my Aneros sessions early last June.

    Your Aneros sessions are going to get better and better and transform your life!


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