Don't Stop Just Yet…

I had yet another intense early morning session Thursday morning.
It was about 2 o'clock in the morning and I had the twinge to have a session. I had to go downstairs and put the clothes in the dryer anyway. I grab some Vaseline and headed downstairs to the basement. Threw the clothes into the dryer and went into our office with my Helix, jar of Vaseline and tube of Astroglide. I took off my clothes and put some Vaseline on the helix and my ass. Then I put on a coating of Astroglide on my ass and my helix, took a deep breath and slowly inserted it. I turned around the office chair and kneeled over it and supported my chest, head and arms on the seat. I took some slow calming breaths and then started some light contractions and took a break. Slowly, I contracted my PC muscles, buttocks, and abs alternately in a rhythmic pattern and then stop and then let my anus grab onto the helix. Soon, it was pressing up against hard against my prostate and I got an extreme hard-on. This made my contractions even harder and my p-spot was getting hit good. I glanced down at my extremely hard cock and could see a dribble of pre cum leaking out. All of the sudden my ass took over and started to driving it in and out hard and fast. I started to breathe harder and utter small moans. Wham! I get hit with a mini O. "Wow! That was fast! Within ten to fifteen minutes I had my first mini O..", I thought to myself. My hard-on still raging, I looked down and saw small droplets of pre cum on the rug below me. I crossed my legs and it literally felt like ass was dragging me off the chair to get a better feeling. I involuntarily started to slide back toward the floor. Another mini O hit me hard. My breathing was deep and hard as my body started twitching. It felt like I was floating out of my body and looking down at myself writhing in ecstasy. Soon I had the fantasy of having a buxom woman blowing me while I was doing this. All of my muscles were really working to grind the helix good. "Oh my God that mouth so juicy and her big tits felt so nice rubbing against my balls, " I thought. I could feel a tremendous pressure building up inside of me, helix fluttering in and out of me like a hummingbird. BAM! An extremely intense mega Super O hit me. My cock was spasming like I was shooting streams of cum. But absolutely none came out, I was surprised. I let out a loud groan and tried to muffle it with my hands. My body was shaking and I could hardly breath or think straight. My God THAT was intense… By that time my ass was sitting on the back of my heels and my arms just hanging out the seat of the chair. I was spent. I thought about just ending it there but remembered how others just let see how things played out. If they had more mini Os and sometimes another Super Os, then maybe I could. So, I just waited to feel what would happen if anything. Well, something started to happen after about fifteen minutes or so of doing nothing. My ass started buzzing again. Once again, I got an extreme hard-on it felt like I was pouring out pre cum as it tickled my prostate and cowpers gland as the p-tab hit my perineum. Much to my demise it was just some small dribbles. I wiped it off with my finger and licked it clean. I think that put my experience into overdrive. Once again, my ass took over. Somehow it felt like my body was being pushed forward so it could get more of it. I didn't resist and slowly moved myself back onto the seat of the chair. I didn't even have to think what kind of contractions and what muscles to move to perform them, my body was doing it all for me. My face was just about buried in the back of the chair, eyes shut tight, panting like a dog and another wave of a mini O hit me. I could not believe this was happening again. Gritting my teeth, clinching my fists as my muscles tightened. My mind was a blur. I could hear the sucking sound of the helix pounding in and out of me. Once again, I could feel that intense pressure build up in me. OH MY GOD! Once again, my body tensed up like I was going to shoot my load, and my cock started contracting like it was but it was nothing but dry heaves of joy. The jolt pushed me hard forward and the back of the chair slammed into the desk behind me. Fortunately, it was only a couple of inches. I covered my mouth with the towel I laid on the seat and bit down hard on it as I moaned and yelped hysterically. My body and mind were in an utter state of post orgasmic bliss. I picked myself up and stood up. My cock was still raging hard with a trail of pre cum rolling out. I rubbed underneath the head to see if I could entice more to come out and some did. With that I lubed up my aching cock and started to jerk off. I laid out the towel to catch my seed. Once the helix latched onto my prostate again as I slowly rubbed myself, I picked up the pace and grip on my cock. I felt big, bigger than normal. My PC muscles and buttocks tightened hard around the helix. I could feel the cum building up, ready to spew out. I started to breath heavy and my head tilted back to the ceiling… "Oh my God, oh my God…" I muttered to myself. I started to go even faster until my jolted back and heavy, thick wads of cum jolted out of my cock like a shaken soda bottle when you twist open the cap. Cum was going everywhere except on the towel I laid out. On the desk drawers, the desktop and the floor. It was amazing! I regained my composure as my head was swimming from the veracity of it all. I squeezed the head to lt the last dribbles out and then cleaned myself and everything around me with the towel I had. Finally, I was spent. I removed my Helix, cleaned up and had a good night's sleep… WOW!! The absolutely most intense experience so far!

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  1. Great description and detail! No words can really accurately describe such an experience; butt, you did a terrific job! It IS hard to believe our male bodies can experience anything as intense as w/ an aneros inserted. I never would have guessed it before I started my journey over 3 years ago. At the conclusiion of most of my sessions, after I withdraw my aneros, I'll often do a "tiny circle" session — using one finger to make tiny circle motions just below my frenulum. Depending on the intensity of my aneros session, my ejaculation will often send cum shooting up to my face — a joyous and intense experience for someone over 63. take care and enjoy the body you have been blessed with!!! I'll stay tuned for your next entry!

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