I am sick but my butt never stops!

I have been not using my aneroses for two weeks now and have not ejaculated either as my wife got sick and I had no time and now I am sick too.
I am that sick that I have had a high temp and shivering and all that. I just feel I would be better of dead! I had surgery planed but they canceled it because I was sick.
Apart from when I was shaking uncontrollably with fever so much that I could not tell, my but is always going it never stops.It is always moving as if the aneros is in me.
Sometimes it is more noticeable than other times but it is always going!
Is this normal after a lot of use or is it just because I have slept with the aneros so often in the past?
It is mostly not annoying thank god.
When I sit in my arm chair or when I lie on my side it is the most intense.
I keep getting little twitches in my inner upper left thigh and a bubbly boiling type feeling in my prostate over and over in waves while I am awake anyway.
It feels ok does not hurt.
I have felt it before but much more intensly while having aneros sessions so I know it is related.
I am in a constant anerosless session although not intense it is happening.
I though it would disapear after a week or so but it just keeps going. Is this what happens with every one else?
Does not matter if my bowl is full or empty the action never stops…. I have been so sick that I can barely get the energy to walk but the action keeps going even though I am too sick to even want to insert the aneros.
Brain is always saying put it in but body is too sick to respond.
I have concentrated on the feelings a couple of times and have had some small anerosless sessions with leaking while sick, but the hunger never stops.


  1. Sounds a lot like what I went through over 3 years ago when I first started my aneros journey. I had constant trembling and THEN I started to have the chairgasms — whenever I sat at home, in my car and in my office chair. Rewiring is a powerful process, my friend. I well remember when I was sitting in the dentist's chair having my teeth cleaned )NOT my favorite experience( when the chairgasms started — turned out to be not so bad afterall! I finally just accepted the trembling AND chairgasms, along with the other rather nice sensations. It sure has livened up the aging experience. Hope you and your wife are feeling better now; because you're in for many more chapters of joy in the days ahead.

  2. Hi braveneworld,

    I am sorry that you are not feeling well and cannot use the Aneros at this time.

    For a good six days last week I could not have any Aneros sessions because I was suffering a severe bout of diarrhea accompanied by mild gastric distress. Fortunately both conditions cleared up late last week so that I could resume my Aneros sessions. But I had to refrain from the Aneros several days because I did not want to worsen my condition.

    Like you, during my short illness my awakened prostate was a great consolation, along with a hope that my sessions would resume shortly.

    In the meantime, I hope both you and your wife feel better.


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