Aneros spin offs to date, November 2012

Hi guys,

The Aneros prostate massager was invented initially as a medical device to enable men to massage their prostate without having to go to their doctors to do it for them. The Aneros was developed to control and shrink BPH )Benign Prostatic Hypoplasia(, an enlarged prostate condition in men which may be a precursor to prostate cancer.

But men who use the Aneros, it has definite positive spin offs who promote general good health, even sexually to men. This blog entry is devoted to what I have experienced from the Aneros both within and outside my sessions.

I began my Aneros sessions early Sunday evening last June 3 with the newest Aneros model, the Helix Syn. The Helix Syn is ideal to Aneros beginners because it has an overlay of soft silicone. I was amazed at how easily the Helix Syn slipped into my anus that evening. Previously, I had an aversion to anal play. The Helix Syn was a pleasant surprise.

I experienced my first episode of P-waves with the Aneros three weeks later early Sunday morning June 24. Later that morning during my walking from breakfast out, I experienced my first walkinggasm. It happened spontaneously out of the blue. I had to take great care in walking during those few minutes to maintain my balance!

In the weeks that followed during the long hot summer of 2012, I had to learn to relax during my sessions. Relaxation enabled me to go with the flow in each session. Series of P-waves continued to flow during those session which enabled to build my confidence with all my Aneros models. Insertion of the larger models of the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic was a great issue initially because I had to control peristalsis, involuntary slipping out of those models.

As I worked with each model of the Aneros, I began to sexualize them. Each model was there for me to give me abundant, exquisite pleasure. I began to welcome each session and so did my prostate. He began to awaken and became that engine of sexual pleasure for me. Like many guys, I began to feel that "buzz" down there localized in my prostate. As I began to work confidently with the larger models, my prostate became a revved up V8 engine!

It was then that I began to use sets of the Kegel Exercises with the larger models. The Kegels enabled me to lock each model into position, first upon perineum with the P-tab abutment, and then along with the entire length of my prostate. The Kegels also strengthened the muscles in my anal canal and sphincters as I worked with the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic. Thus I eliminated forever the risk of peristalsis. It was very gratifying also to feel the massage action of each Aneros model upon those muscles as well as my prostate.

A few weeks ago I began sets of Kegels lasting at least of minute or more per clutch or anal contraction. It felt so good to feel the pleasure build as I held each clutch or contraction. After each set of Kegels, free, easy automatic massage of my anal canal and prostate would occur. I call this "autofucking."

Rewiring is a very important spin off of the Aneros! First I began with walkinggasms, then chairgasms, and finally bedgasms. all of the blue, at least initially. But I discovered that just thinking about my good Aneros buddies and what they do to me was enough to induce these orgasms. I suppose they are mini-O's.

Rewiring in September began to manifest itself in little shocks, pricks, or stabs of pain and pleasure in various parts of my body outside of my Aneros sessions, even within sessions. Such shocks, pricks, or stabs of pain and pleasure occur in my feet, hands, and back. But also gratifying is that my revved up prostate and this rewiring have occurred during blocks of days away from the Aneros. But my good buddies, Maximus, Progasm Classic, Ice, and now Eupho are there for me and beckon me to engage with them regularly which I am eager to do!

Rewiring in the discovery of my erogenous zones is a special spin off with the Aneros! First I discovered that my massaging my thighs fueled my sessions. It was in August that stimulating my nipples also fueled my sessions in a mighty way. I discovered that my nipples are hardwired to my prostate, but since then this has began to include my penis and its bulbous glans, my testicles, and other parts of my male sexual apparatus. So now I can arouse myself sexually outside my Aneros sessions. Another definite spin off has occurred in that my prostate is connected vitally in a real way to my penis, glans, and testicles. Masturbation has become pleasurable for me once again. I am rediscovering the absolute pleasure of masturbating myself to orgasm and ejaculation that I remembered so vividly at age 13 for the very first time.Also slipping on and wearing my jocks, athletic cups, and suspensories are again laden with exquisite pleasure. Wearing those quintessential male items fuel both my Kegels and my Anerosing.

Finally, there are definite toning benefits of Aneros. First they occur in a strong, healthful massage of the prostate, and then in the strengthening and toning of the anal canal and sphincters. In the last month or so, I have notice that the larger models have toned the muscles in the thighs and calves of my legs, and even in my abs and pecs. When I get up and start walking, there is that delicious quivering of strength in my body!

Ideally when you have sex with yourself or with a good buddy, it is good to engage in some foreplay. You romance yourself and your buddy. That is what I do early in the morning for an hour or so seated at my PC and having my morning coffee. I'll stimulate my nipples and Kegel away. It all feels so good doing all this, just waiting for my Aneros buddies. If I have time after a session, I may engage in a time of postplay or afterplay as a way of reflecting upon and communing on my buddies and what they have down for my sexual apparatus, nay even for my whole body and pysche! Also in my days off from Anerosing, it is good to engage in such play.

This morning I feel I am on the verge of something important, something major. But I'll go with the flow. Who knows a Super-O may occur, but I just do not know when. All I know I'll have lots of fun and pleasure with my Aneros buddies. But they are beckoning to me right now! Take care.