Tick Tock

I had just got home around 4am after a long day at work and I was ready to have a nice session before i went to bed. My ass was looking forward to it as well on the way home by constantly having small to larger contractions without an aneros inserted. In fact, it's starting to happen again now as I type this out. I find occurring more and more either consciously or sub-consciously while I just sitting or laying down. I can feel my anus, pc and ab muscles roll and twist all around. Nothing major from those occurrences… yet just moments and pings of pleasure. Anyway, I get myself all prepped and ready to go, lay out towel over chair seat, insert and away we go. I get on my knees, rest my arms and chest on the seat and just "do nothing" as I let the pace of my breathing control the movements of the helix. In this position, my diaphragm is really in good control. Each inhale and exhale helps to bring different sensations to the table, I literally can feel the helix move when i breathe this way. I start pulling some contractions and I can feel my cock starting to become erect. Within a couple strokes of the helix, it is fully engorged. It almost hurts! My ass takes the cue and starts to involuntarily contract as my breathing intensifies. Then i get the strangest feeling like a constant ocean wave rolling all the way through my body in concert with my breathing and contracting. Up and down the entire length of my body. I start to shake. First, my head and jaw then i t moves down to my arms and finally through my torso to my legs. I am moaning and breathing so deeply now. Like before I can feel my body being "pushed" more onto my chest until my face is almost buried in the back of the chair. I can feel a drip of pre cum on my thigh. My cock is going crazy, as well as, my ass. My legs, arms and chest tighten up as the first of a multiple burst of successive mini Os hit me. My right arms is starting to fall asleep after either cradling my head or supporting it for so long. My body starts to thrust involuntarily like I'm fucking. The towel hits my nipples just right and their hardness causes even more new feelings. I start to pinch and roll my nipples as THE HELIX GLIDES IN AND OUT OF ME EFFORTLESSLY. It is much easier to attend to my left nipple, so I lightly circle, rub and pinch it. The sensations are amazing. I can feel another intense feeling coming on and a major O hits me. I collapse like a rag doll… I am spent….

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  1. Really nice post there – well written, and expressed.

    I recognised a lot of the sensations you describe – although erections are few and far between for me – not a problem. I particularly like those random aneros-less sensations – I get horny thinking about them, even in the absence of porn or someone else. The hard and very sensitive nipples were also a feature of my last session – I love it when something rough, like a towel, accidentally brushes across them when they are in that state – pure heaven, and the inspiration for many a dry-O.

    I might try your position )with the aid of a chair( at some point.

    All the best


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