Not a tease tonight

The night before I came home late from work and felt the urge to play. I was really tired and I knew that I shouldn't because I needed sleep. So, I decided to make a session that I would end as soon as I had reached a mini O and not go on from there. I prepped my helix and myself with some vaseline and astroglide, got my towel ready and took off all of my clothes. I slid the helix in and got into my favorite position on my knees over the office chair. I started out real slow just letting the depth of my breath control the movement of the aneros, just a smooth glide in and out. Then I started small to medium contractions. I was feeling good even though I was exhausted. I start to almost drift off to sleep with my head resting in the nook of my right arm when things started to spice up some. I started changing the position of my feet wither flat, up on my toes, feet crossed and combinations of both. When I was up on my toes I could feel the helix really start to dig into me and really hit my prostate. I could feel my cock becoming erect at a quick pace. There it is! AHH! I can feel the familiar sensation building up. Whoosh! I mini O hits me. OHHH! I hit my mark and I removed my helix, clean up and hit the sack. While I was lying on my side, I can feel my ass start to tingle and mini swirls and contractions are happening. It was hungry for more! I enjoy them as I fall asleep…
Tonight, I wanted to finish I what I started, I got prepped and ready to go and I was on my way! Tonight I really tried experimenting with different positions. I tried standing, squatting, sitting and my favorite on my knees chest on chair. All were good to various degrees but didn't compare to my favorite. So there I went. Within tweny minutes of doing that, my ass really came alive. Dribbles of pre cum leaked out my cock head. I licked them off with my fingers and sucked them clean. I started to pinch and rub my nipples especially my left one. Everything was in slow motion. I started fantasizing about being fucked in the ass by a woman as the helix plunged deeper in and out of me. I could feel everything tense up. Shortness of breath, muscles aching and burning. I started to really moan loudly. A mini O came over me. I had to cover my mouth with the towel to keep from
screaming. I reposition my feet so that I am on my toes with my feet crossed. This only intensifies things. My ass really grinding away . I am starting to bite down on the towel as a Super O washes me away. My legs and arms are spasming. I felt like I was shot to the moon. I fall back in a heap and get ready to sleep…
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