Hole New Horizon: Dancing with Big Momma EVI!!!

I recently acquired an EVI. One had also been acquired for mrs. a!! We have yet to be able to have the joint session planned to explore her use of hers.

BUTT!!! I could not resist an opportunity this morning to try mine, and after the deep relaxation of my anal sphincters needed for a peaceful transit of this girthy girl up into my canal…!…:WELL~~!!~~!!!~~!!!~~!!!~~~!!!!!! it just opened into the most wonderful unique new dance around my prostate region I have ever experienced!!!

BUTT THEN!!! I was spinning the "clit end" handle in no time, not just alternating positions of the big bulb, butt doing 360s round and round!!! The sensations are wonderful, and surprisingly easy and relaxed all around the big bulb.

Anal sphincters relaxed and were tickled with the long narrow neck~~~ The spaciousness and mobility up above in my rectum were more like a EUPHO!!! than any other model including Syn, which is still fantastic in its very different way. Syn was a great "Opening Act"

My trained rectal wall/prostate "reach-out" response indeed did, and tried to "polish the knob", yet then was very happy with the new broad hug feeling/contact!! Several great dry-Os, and the feeling that I could have this in for hours and walk about and….

And then the gentle compression of the prostate started suggesting a BPH therapy Super-T finale and WOW!!! again!!! EVI is a fabulous ride sitting up with it in!

EVI generates feelings suggesting my rectal muscle wall and the associated muscles, may be able to figure out how to generate sustainable auto*F with this delightful device for the male G-spot too!!

I have the feeling there will be more adaptive responses to EVI in future sessions as I explore this babe further.

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  1. This is all very interesting, artform. I didn't know guys could use the EVI!


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