First post

Had a quick unexpected session today. Started to get 'that urge' whilst at home and I had all day to myself so I lubed up and off I went.

The nice feelings were there straight away. Pleasure was coming from my anus/prostate, my legs {the thigh area as in every session} and the lower part of my stomach, which is now becoming ever more common in my sessions {mm}. I had my eyes closed and kept them that way from the very start, which I don't usually do. I was extremely relaxed today and about half an hour into the session I started to feel like I was far away from my body and felt a bit disconnected from myself, almost like I was floating/dizzy {in a good, relaxed way}. This has happened a couple of times before but it seemed nicer this time. I started to feel chills up both sides of my upper body/chest area, and I felt that tingling in and around my nipples, which is something else that is happening more frequently and it seems like it's becoming more pleasurable for me as well. Then I could feel more pleasurable feelings appearing in my anal area. I just relaxed and laid there feeling that delicious ache from my prostate and feeling the ticklish pleasure in my stomach and occasionally my thighs. It was beautiful. This is all I was thinking about and I found myself gently moaning and sighing, which increased my arousal. Everything was very gentle and lovely. My anus was contracting gently, as well as my stomach muscles tensing rhythmically and this was also very gentle. It was blissful and I really enjoyed it. So beautiful and erotic. This must have gone on for a good 15 minutes or so before the violent shaking started, I was tensing up really hard and there was a lot of pleasure coming from my penis and I started to become erect. This was definitely signalling the start of a HFWO and I wanted to avoid this so I ended the session there after an hour or so.

I noticed the shaking started after I became very excited. I start breathing heavily and my heart rate increased so much it feels like it'll burst out of my chest. Not sure what this is, I've tried going with it but it always leads to shaking/HFWO. Maybe I should relax through it?

This was one of my shorter sessions but one of my most enjoyable so far. I really enjoy the calmer sessions. This one was very sensual and slow, it's making me smile just thinking about it. It must have been good because it made me start this blog! I think the reason this was so good is because I was horny for it. I wanted it, hell I NEEDED it. I had erotic images in my mind through most of the session. Beautiful girls playing with me, sucking on my nipples and teasing my body. Then as things got a little more enjoyable I imagined being fucked by a guy. I'm straight but the thought of being penetrated by a nice, thick penis really spurred me on and fuelled the fire somewhat.

This is the first blog post I've done. I just wanted somewhere to record my journey since things seem to be picking up. I've been using my aneros models for about a year and a half without any intense orgasmic feelings. I feel like I'm definitely getting somewhere though, so I want to record how this plays out! Just discovering that writing this is extremely erotic for me… getting that urge and I'm becoming really aroused! Got a tingling/tickling feeling in my feet and my hands are shaking. Gonna have to wait til the morning… yummy. Can't wait.