Im getting there. Wherever THERE is

I've had three sessions in three days this week. Mondays session was delightful, and made me start this blog. Tuesdays was a dud and I had to stop due to discomfort, I still had pleasure though so it was still nice. I haven't ejaculated for 4 days and I think this is improving my sessions. New things are happening!

Todays session was pretty intense. I keep getting these surges of mild pleasure, which made me tense up my entire body. I can't help but feel that the feelings would be amplified if I relaxed through them but the tensing is involuntary and very hard to stop. I think I was able to relax through them a lot more than usual and it was nice. I felt the pleasure go from my anus/prostate area and go through to my arms/hands. Every time I relax I can feel something really nice, but this makes me tense up again. Hmm.

I started out by getting myself aroused. This is something that I previously haven't done well enough, as I found it hard to arouse myself without getting my penis excited, which draws away from the feelings in my prostate. I started reading some stories on the Aneros forums and blogs, just reading about other mens experiences with their Aneros devices is enough to get me excited. I went to bed, pre-lubed, and laid down. I started thinking about sexy things, attractive women playing with me, gliding their soft hands down my body and kissing me with their hungry mouths, teasing me with their wet pussies and luscious tits. Then I did something new. I picked up my Helix and started running it all over my body! I'm not sure what made me do it but I'm so glad I did. I started out softly running the tip over my nipples til they were perky and erect, I moved softly down my stomach, making the hairs stand on end. I gently worked my way back up to my erect nipples, teasing pleasure from my swelling prostate. I worked the helix softly down the sides of my now excited, shaking torso. I felt so sexy. I caressed my inner thighs and groin with the Helix, becoming ever more aroused. I moved over to my balls and felt that exciting tingle in them. This was amazing. The Helix was already pleasuring me and I hadn't even inserted it yet! After teasing my balls I moved slowly towards my anus. My ass was so hungry for it but I teased myself some more, brushing my perineum and my butt cheeks. It felt so good just to tease myself. I moved gently over to my anus and gently brushed it with the tip of the Helix. It contracted with pleasure, trying to pull it in. I felt this beautiful feeling in my prostate, and my anal canal. This was incredible. I gave in and lubed up the Helix and inserted. I immediately moaned. Inserting has never been this good before. The feeling I got when my Helix penetrated me and slid in to place over my throbbing prostate was just lovely. Satisfying.

I relaxed and started some anal contractions and followed them up by contracting my PC muscle, again, something I don't usually do. After doing this for five minutes or so a few new things happened to me. About half an hour in my body started shaking violently. Usually the shaking is centred around my pelvis and my legs. Often leading to a wet orgasm and killing the session. This time I started shaking and my legs came up to my chest so that I was almost in a ball. I felt a rush of pleasure in my thighs and my arms, trying my best to relax through it. I had a couple more of these – maybe three to four where I would feel this pleasure and tense up. My breathing becomes very erratic and on the third or fourth surge it felt like I was going to pass out so I calmed myself down.

After that I felt extremely relaxed and satisfied. There were no feelings coming from my prostate but I felt so good. So relaxed and happy. I just laid there for a few minutes enjoying what had just happened. I started deep valley breathing and felt those delicate feelings return to my prostate. ANOTHER new feeling. This time it was psychological. I just laid there watching my stomach move up and down and watching those rolling contractions move down my stomach, whilst enjoying the pleasure that was inside me. Watching my body made me realise that it knows what it wants. I couldn't take my eyes off my body. It's like my mind wanted me to see everything. 'Look what I can do'
My eyes ran over all areas of my body. My legs, my beautiful cock, my stomach, my stiff nipples. It felt odd to me but at that moment I thought that I was so beautiful and sexy. Just watching myself made me really aroused. Maybe I need to have a mirror in my next session…

This has been a good week in terms of Aneros. I feel like I'm getting somewhere. New feelings and experiences. It's all very positive and exciting. I'm going to try and abstain from ejaculating before my next sessions, whenever they may be.

Wow how long have I been writing?! A little on the long side…