Cum Crazy!

I was full into prostate session. My Progasm ICE autof$#king my ass, and I cumming like crazy. Constantly throbbing cock with steady flow of precum flowing making my loins so wet. Suddenly I with the rest of my body shaking, my cock just froze and then started oozing big thick globs of creamy cum. I wasn't orgasming, just oozing cum. I watched entranced as they slowly slid down my cock and onto my lower abs.

After 30 seconds or so it stopped, a big thick puddle on me. My ass was still in the driver seat and I was off to the races again, no loss of arousal and definitely wanting more! I started rubbing the cum onto my head and shaft, but there was too much. Before I knew what I was doing, big scoop was in my mouth. I hungrily licked it all up and wanted more. A few more scoops went into my mouth and I was cumming again, Dry Prostate Super-Os that is!!

I continued my session for another hour before I was totally satiated. I blew another load towards the end–really blew this time, like a volcano!–but this time no urge or need to taste it, just got the kleenex.