Dangerous Over-Indulgence

Last week was a wild ride. Had 5 session days in a row )been several months since I've done that(. At the end of it all, I felt overworked and couldn't fathom anymore sessions. Thank god I didn't try for another session, as on Saturday )3 days after my last session( I felt my perineum and noticed some rawness to the area. It seems that my indulgence in the pleasure was a bit much for the tender skin, and rubbed it raw with the MGX's p-tab. Looks like I'm going to be waiting several more days before having another session to give the area time to heal. In the meantime though, going to keep the area well maintained to let it heal as fast as possible, as I've been itching for a session for a few days now and it's gotten almost unbearable today.

In the meantime, I've purchased the complete Peridise set and am looking forward to when they arrive so I can start toning the area even more )and at half-off the regular retail price due to the Black Friday sale, how could I go wrong(. My Kegel practices have been a little non-existent lately, and I feel like I'm falling back to pre-Aneros levels in terms of ejaculation control. Not exactly a bad thing, but it is the biggest reason for getting the Aneros in the first place. Either way, my body is writhing in anticipation, and I can't remember the last time I was this anxious for a package to arrive.

Luckily, there's plenty on my plate to keep me occupied until then, and my 'less sessions have been eventful enough that I'm not worried about caving in before the lovely devices come in the mail. The most intense ones have been hitting as I lay my body down to sleep for the night. I'm almost into dreamland when all of a sudden my stomach feels like it's rolling around and kicks off some intense p-waves that take me to new heights. Focusing on the sensations in my stomach instead of my prostate seems to fuel the sensations further, and takes me to the pleasure plateau that leaves me begging for more. Thankfully, there's a position that knocks me out cold )whether I have anything inserted or not(, so I've been able to get to sleep within a reasonable amount of time even with these sensations rocking my body.

Still, it's incredible just how much pleasure my body is giving )and receiving( on its own. It's opened up my eyes to the amount of pleasure possible by the human body. It's made me more attentive to my wife during love-making, and I've enjoyed the foreplay more than ever. If my wife would let me, I'd enjoy nothing more than to worship her body for hours on end and give her non-stop pleasure until she could take no more. As time-pressure has prevented us from prolonged love-making, I haven't been able to devote nearly as much attention to her pleasure as I would like, but I get the job done and definitely take her to bigger heights than she's had in years. It just amazes me at how in-tune the Aneros has made me not only with my own body, but my wife's as well. Hopefully, when I bring her in on this little secret, she will see that it's not a replacement )or even a masturbatory aid(, but a device that improves my overall health, desire, and frankly, my devotion to her. I've made a resolution to tell her by the end of the year, but I'm still incredibly nervous that she will take it poorly. We've been through so many hardships in the past and I'm afraid of disappointing and hurting her any further.

Any advice on how to break the news? Any and all insights will be thoroughly considered, as I really would love for her to understand what it's about )even if she doesn't want to actively participate in it(.


  1. We have friends that have been struck down with prostae cancer.
    I by accident after cleaning the aneros in hot soapy water used the handle curl to hook over the towl rack.
    I packed up everything else a nd forgot the aneros.
    Wife came home and used the toilet and while sitting saw it unclipped it and said what is this?
    My heart dropped as I looked over.
    Ummm its a aneros I said.
    Its a device which massages my prostate which has been proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
    I gave her the High Island health website to look at as it is more conserned about canser rather than pleasure.
    I also later asked if she had looked at the site and what was her thoughts.
    I said that there was a wonderful side affect that was pleasure giving.
    She said yes she had looked and yes she had read about the side affect and she was fine with it.
    She said she understood why I was hesitant to tell her and hide it from her BUT dont hide it from her there should be no secrets from each other.She was happy that I was taking preventative steps against cancer.
    Nothing more has been said and I dont use it in front of her but I am not stupid enough to think she does not know I am still packing it.
    I bought another aneros but have not told her:) but It is on the bank statement from aneros;(
    Now I want a Vice, advanced perdise set and a Progasm Ice! Cant aford it at the moment but the sale would have been agreat time to buy. I will have to wait for the next sale. And I will have to let her know some how that I have purchaced more.And why. )the pleasure(
    I dont expect it will be a problem as we have not been having sex for over a year because she has no sex drive due to the drugs she is prescribed.

    The way I see it is it is 10 000 000% better than looking for sex else where out of the marriage, it helps with health and has made you a better lover.
    Dont know about a better lover for me as I get none:(

    Dont keep secrets! it is not good for your marriage.
    Secrets will come back and bite you in the arse!

  2. Haha By coincidence We were talking about my wifes hemroids to night and I said I can get a product for that from aneros. Peridise so now we are saving up for a set and a evi for strengthening her pelvic flaw and a Progasm. The world works in mysterious ways.Please let me know what you think in detail about your Peridise when you get them.
    You could comment on my blog braveneworld or personal message me. Thanks

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