Spank Me, Baby

Earlier this morning I was in the Aneros chat room. Yesterday, I took my car to the garage to have something checked out and then come to find out later that due tO the extreme wear that it would be best to get rid of it ASAP and get a new car. So, we were all discussing that whole situation when I slyly said that I could use a good session to unwind. Someone said that it would be a good idea and it firmly planted the seed in my mind. It was around 2AM, so I decided it's time to leave and "unwind".
I prepared everything and went downstairs to the basement office, spread out my towels, lubed up, inserted, got into my usual position and started to unwind.
At first I was having a difficult time relaxing and clearing my mind of all of the "mind noise". Eventually, my aneros told me to "shut up, I'm taking over" as I could feel start to flutter around at an extremely fast pace like a hummingbird. My blood started pumping hard as I could feel my cock starting to become fully engorged. My God, it felt like I was going to burts like a volcano the way that it was pulsating! My body was tensing up and i started to breathe and moan intensely. It felt like I could feel the pre cum being forced out of my dick as the helix was dancing around my prostate like a hot Salsa dancer. I glanced down at my massive, engorged cock to see a long stream of pre cum hanging out. Wow!
Then it started to feel like the way my contractions were hitting me, that the helix was "spanking" my prostate. I could feel the Helix move back and raise away from it and the opposing contraction felt like it was slamming down on my prostate. The was a totally new sensation and felt incredible. I imagine a buxom brunette behind me spanking me. I could see her raise her hand up and slam it down on my ass. I was in the total submissive position of being on my knees with my chest and arms on the cahir seat. She was my dominatrix and I was submitting to her will.
This sensation went on like this for about thirty minutes. Then the pace changed. I felt like my ass just wanted to be fucked hard and fast. I could feel it slamming in and out of me, like I was being literally fucked. Then i drifted off an idea I've had of trying to capture myself in pictures or a video while I had my Helix inside me.
I decided to go for it, stood up and saw the longest strand of pre cum leaking my my cock. I scooped it my with my right finger and cleaned it off. It just tastes so sweet and it so arousing. I threw my pants on over my still inserted helix, my shirt on and headed up stairs to grab my camera and memory card. It turned out to be almost a deal breaker. I could find them for awhile and i got frustrated. Finally, i found them and headed back downstairs. Got everything ready and started over.
Once again, my ass just decided that it wanted to get fucked long and hard. The thoughts of my capturing this to see streamed through my mind. I just wanted to capture myself fully erected and within the throws of a mini/super O. But even before i could even attempt that, I could feel that familiar sensation building up. I tensed up and brit my teeth as an orgasm took me out to sea. After I calmed down, i looked at my semi hard cock to see another stream of precum dripping out. I used it as a lube as I started to stroke my cock hard. My helix dug into my prostate as I stoked away. Within a few hard, firm strokes I was erupting like a volcano as large globs of cum sprung from my cock. On the floor below me was a giant puddle of cum and it got all over my hand, chest and legs. I cleaned everything up, threw my clothes on and headed to bed. I think was pretty well "unwound". And I didn't get any images to reflect upon… DAMN! Next time??

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