Revisiting the Eupho

I have had a number of sessions lately using my helix.
Dry Os are reached mostly but as I have been coming off my pain tablets the pleasure has been waning a little.
I have made the decision to give the eupho a go again. It had stopped working for me but it is time to mix things up again.
First session not much happening.
Second one which was last night I had a hour of wonderful feelings that reminded me why I love the eupho so much.
It gives different exquisite feelings and make me get a rock hard erection within 10 minutes of use.
Although it is not working the best yet It is getting better I think.
I love sleeping with it as the feelings of being gently made love to until I go off to sleep are bliss. I say "made love to" because it is not the same as the helix feelings which are much more abrupt.
In the morning when I wake more often than not it is gently massaging my prostate or if lucky it is actually making love to me. A great way to wake!
Most mornings waking with eupho in I wake with a rock hard erection which is always good.
Because it is so thin it does not make me sore over night like the helix. I almost feel bruised by the helix if I sleep with it now days. The last time I did this I did not want a session for 4 days due to being sore. I dont run out of lube its just the action itself.
The eupho has changed my internal anal aneros rhythm compared to the helix.
I always have my muscles twitching away when I dont have a aneros in now days but the eupho twitches faster so it is a strange unsettling feeling when both speed twitches are fighting for dominance.
The twitching I talk about send P-wave through my anal area constantly.
Think the eupho is winning as I am sitting here have great feelings in my chair as I type.
I am glad that I am able to revisit the eupho.
P.s. I love watching movies while riding the eupho too, it keeps twitch and when you get to a sexy bit it gets all excited. :)