Getting into the Zone of Pleasure: Aneros Sessions for December 15 & 17

I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Saturday yesterday morning in excitement with a delicious, vibrant boner, much like a stallion at the gate at a horse race. I looked forward to a long, leisurely Aneros session. Saturday mornings are ideal for such because it is a day when there is very little going on. Most fellow tenants at my apartment building are fast asleep early Saturday mornings. Hardly any staff around at that hour. I can focus on having stupendous sessions, leisurely savoring all the sensations of my Anerosing.

Sequence of models used: Progasm IceHelix Syn — Maximus — Progasm ClassicHelix Classic (ca. 3.75 hours)

I began my session promptly at 6:30 a.m. with Progasm Ice spending a good 75 minutes with him, then 30 minutes with the Helix Syn, then 75 minutes with Maximus, a good hour with big bruiser Progasm Classic, and finally 75 minutes with Helix Classic. Yesterday morning, I focused my attention on each model's massaging my prostate. What impressed my yesterday is how far I have come in relaxation as I Aneros and also in how I have become adept in using each model.

Other reflections:

(1) On the Aneros Forum for the last week or so, there has been an extensive thread on whether using the Aneros could be similar to masturbation. Likewise many serious masturbators enjoy edging or riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability, much like surfing at the beach. Zoning is when the masturbator falls into a trance during which he is thoroughly his cock and pleasuring himself. Similarly getting into the zone during an Aneros session is focusing yourself on maximizing the pleasure while Anerosing. So on last Saturday and earlier today Monday, I focused my attention in how each Aneros model massaged both my prostate and anal canal. This sort of attention produced loads, even crescendos of pleasure!

(2) In both music and physics, one hears the terms, harmonics and resonance. Harmonics and resonance brings out both brilliance and beauty in musical instruments. Likewise, in harmonics and resonance in physics brings out special characteristics, perhaps enhancement in materials, chemical elements, and atoms and molecules. It seems that when I get really into an Aneros session, the pleasure engendered by P-waves galore and mini-O's in my anal muscles and prostate, I am headed for something really important. So Getting into the Zone with the Aneros is to enter the Pleasure Zone which may be a gateway or conduit to supreme Aneros blessings such as Super-O's or MMO's.

Through masturbation, both males and females explore the beauties of their bodies and psyches. Through masturbation, they achieve carnal knowledge. Likewise the Aneros delivers for men this same kind of carnal knowledge. Such knowledge enables both sexes to become better lovers of themselves and their sexual partners. To "know" somebody in the Hebrew Old Testament is to know that person sexually, hence carnal knowledge.

For me, the journey toward my own carnal knowledge began when I discovered my dad's men's large jockstrap at age eleven. I was entering adolescence then when I experienced my first growth spurts in my genitals as well as in my whole body. I began to experience my first truly pleasurable erections. My dad's jockstrap was hanging above the bathtub at home after laundering. I tried my dad's jock on and knew instinctively that it was a quintessentially a male garment. Of course, some months later when I entered 7th grade and had to buy a jockstrap as part of my gym uniform for PE. Our coach told us we had to get one for sports. This was in September 1963 when men and boys wore jockstraps for sports as a matter for course. Slipping on a jock for the first time was a sexual awakening for me.

So in the weeks and months that followed, I tried to replicate those feelings through touching my penis, especially my glans. Those touches just got better and better. Very soon I discovered the masturbatory grip during my explorations. Finally one Saturday night in April 1964 before bedtime, I was masturbating leisurely, stroking my penis. That evening my masturbation just felt much better than ever before and my stroking become more insistent. Suddenly my body took over, the pleasure from my masturbation began reaching heights unimaginable, very much like climbing a mountain, and when right out of the blue, pleasure swept over me like a tidal wave and I experienced my very first orgasm and ejaculation of semen! Such pleasure unimaginable was so beautiful, and it felt so right. For me, I was beginning to discover my male essence. And so I waited with anticipation when next time I could jack off!

However, I lived in a family with parents who had Victorian mores toward sex. Discussing sexual matters was taboo, forbidden. I still lived at a time when even discussion of sexual matters were not part of polite society. Of course, this all began to change when my sister got married in July 1965. But it was only when I went off to college in September 1968, that I had achieved true liberation for my sexual explorations and development as a man. Also it was not easy having a doctor in my teenage years unwilling to answer my questions on sex. I had to find out for myself. However the minister of my boyhood church did invite a more enlightened doctor to speak to our youth group on the facts of life, especially on the matters of teenage pregnancy and STD's. This doctor said that masturbation was natural and fine if done in private.

Like many American men, I continued my sexual journey quietly through the years. American society through the social upheavals of the sixties and early seventies began jettisoning Victorian strictures towards sex. This benefited me very much. Thus I have been open to "various" sexual practices, provided that they be healthful to me and beneficial to my quiet lifestyle. This is where the Aneros enters in.

Monday morning session: Models used: Maximus — Progasm Ice — Helix Syn — Progasm Classic (2.5+ hours)

This morning I worked with Maximus and Progasm Ice each for 45 minutes. I must say that I am interacting with good buddy, Maximus, as never before in recent sessions. I am focusing more and more how he massages exclusively my prostate. It is just absolutely wonderful how now I can use subtle, yet strong Kegels to operate the massage action that is so direct, so pleasurable. So wonderful, to let the pleasure build over and over again in crescendos with Maximus. My sweet buddy introduced me this morning to his big, yet sleek buddy, Progasm Ice. Both models of the Progasm by their girth were made for the Kegel Exercises. But now I am discovering that Kegels both subtle and strong activate the marvels of the Progasm for Anerosing beyond measure. It is absolutely wonderful when both the P and K abutment tabs of the Progasm seem to cradle my scrotum as my anal muscles do the Kegel clutching as I receive the sweetest massaging of my prostate! But then there is the autof**king which occurs so naturally as I Get into the Zone with my Aneros buddies. They really love me up!

It is amazing also how both Maximus and Progasm complement and enhance my use of the Helix Syn, the model which initiating me into Anerosing early last June. My sessions with Helix Syn and Helix during the first three months were so tentative then. Now I can Aneros with all the models in my collection with great confidence and adroitness. The Helix Syn delivers subtle yet direct massage action to my prostate these days like never before. I am now amazed at how I can subtly Kegel with this model and produce loads of pleasure! Unfortunately I didn't have any time with his older brother, Helix Classic. This guy does deliver aggressive and direct, yet pleasurable massage action to my prostate.

Finally this morning, I spent a good hour with big, bruiser Progasm Classic. This morning I began with five, strong 60-second Kegel on my big guy, and he did the rest. He has become my very best buddy on my Aneros first team, and I must say I have fallen in love with him. He reciprocates in his affection upon me by loving me up in BIG MAN fashion. He and I worked in very much the same way as Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Helix Syn did earlier.

I came away from my session earlier today thoroughly satisfied with an afterglow that has grown throughout the day till now. This afternoon on a gray, overcast and misty late autumn day, I am sitting at my PC wearing blue jeans and a long-sleeve Under Armour loose fitting shirt. I have been Kegeling leisurely, savoring my afternoon, and caressing my semi-tumescent cockshaft and oozing glans through my jeans. All it all feels so good.

While my Aneros sessions recently have been extremely pleasurable as I have them, they have a definite delayed reaction which comes out in my walks about the city. For example, yesterday morning, I had to get to church on time. However going to church is a good four mile walk. It is a good walk, although I have a climb a fairly steep hill and walk a good mile beyond the summit to the church proper. Yesterday, as I worked in determined fashion up this steep hill, I felt muscled up and that was when my prostate kicked in "walkinggasms" which in themselves powered my walk. Actually I wanted to get to my Sunday school class on time which I did. As the class began, I sat in my chair, feeling pleasure from my revved up prostate and Kegeling during the class as I engaged in the lesson with both the teacher and my classmates. All of us are in our thirties to seventies! All I can say that it all felt so good, so sweet, although it was hidden from everybody! In fact, what I experienced was so pleasurable that I came close to having a wet orgasm there in class!

I suspect that my very first Super-O may happen right out the blue, perhaps in the very same I experienced my very first bona fide orgasm and ejaculation of semen out of the blue nearly fifty years ago. My zoning with Aneros some day may cause my body to take over with Aneros to do just this! In the meantime, I will continue faithfully my Aneros sessions.


  1. Thank you for sharing the details of such special times in your journey through manhood. Your description of discovering your father's jockstrap and your very first one for gym reminded me of that special time in my life. Growing up as we both did during such sexually repressive times left us wide open for ANYTHING enlightening as to our male creation and beings. Fortunately that learning has never stopped!

  2. Well, Gary, if you should read my response to your comment, the Aneros has given you, me, and many other men a new lease on life and a greater appreciation of our bodies and our sexual equipment as agents for lovemaking. I truly hope you and your family have had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years. Thom.

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