There is a light at the end of the tunnel

So after taking 36 hours of a break from the Aneros to let my prostate resensitize, i went at it again for an hour and a half and then fell asleep.

This session was a lot like the last one but I had constant pleasure running through my hip and leg regions the whole journey. I never had an orgasm, but damn it felt good for once and it didn't cease to please.

However after waking up a few hours later, I felt aroused and just contracted in the new manner that I found worked for me. Oh my god did it work. Within minutes, I felt very satisfied, pleasure running through my lower body and a little up my spine. I for once KNEW that it was in contact with my prostate – I felt it, and that tingling was not to be mistaken.

I have made progress, very good progress, but still nothing major as of yet. I was on the edge of an orgasm, if it feels anything close to a penile orgasm but I just could not get it over the edge. The tingling from the pleasure of the contact with the aneros overruled any contraction or feeling of control that I had down there.

I feel like I could reach the Super O if I could continue contracting or holding the contraction but I just physically cannot do it yet. I'm almost there!