There is a light at the end of the tunnel

So after taking 36 hours of a break from the Aneros to let my prostate resensitize, i went at it again for an hour and a half and then fell asleep.

This session was a lot like the last one but I had constant pleasure running through my hip and leg regions the whole journey. I never had an orgasm, but damn it felt good for once and it didn't cease to please.

However after waking up a few hours later, I felt aroused and just contracted in the new manner that I found worked for me. Oh my god did it work. Within minutes, I felt very satisfied, pleasure running through my lower body and a little up my spine. I for once KNEW that it was in contact with my prostate – I felt it, and that tingling was not to be mistaken.

I have made progress, very good progress, but still nothing major as of yet. I was on the edge of an orgasm, if it feels anything close to a penile orgasm but I just could not get it over the edge. The tingling from the pleasure of the contact with the aneros overruled any contraction or feeling of control that I had down there.

I feel like I could reach the Super O if I could continue contracting or holding the contraction but I just physically cannot do it yet. I'm almost there!

Something new has cum over the horizon

So reading advice on the forums and wiki, and listening to replies to my blog and forum posts made me try out a new idea – stop repeating what is failing in the past and do something new each time.

Today though before I could even try something new, I put my MGX in and laid back. I barely did a small contraction to get everything going, and as I held it, I immediately started spasming and had quite a few involuntaries… Nothing came from this, but this was the first time I experience involuntary movement.

I also took a trip to the store which was about a 3 minute walk away, leaving my MGX in… Boy that was my favorite walk. of course, I had no results from it but it was stimulating my prostate everywhere I went. There were a few stairs that I took that made me take a quick breath.

I am definitely adapting to this process that we call a "rewiring".. I will not be giving this up any time soon.

P.S: A feeling I haven't had before.. After I took my MGX out, I have a little tenderness in by testicles.. Sort of like blue balls. Perhaps I'm starting to finally get something out of this?

It Was the Night Before Christmas

Well I woke up this morning, and decided to give it another go.

About the same results as last time.. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and let sleep take me while I comfortably did small contracts. After a few minutes, over the course of a few seconds, something amazing built up "down there", and ran up my spine.

However, as soon as it began, my sphincter got real tight and tingly and once again I was unable to contract. I still have had no involuntary contractions. And the feeling went away before an orgasm was achieved.

I really wish I could experience involuntaries or at least a little taste of the Dry-O/Super-O. Oh well. Just gotta keep at it I guess.

First Blog, and Journey Report #1

My first sessions were with the Helix, which failed to produce, and then I had to leave to Army Basic Training. Since graduation I bought the MGX, and was ready to try again.

So this was my fifth session, within 2 weeks. I decided to try some new things that were given to me on a forum post. Needless to say it was without anything intense, but I definitely got a new response this time.

I started by viewing stimulating videos and relaxing for 15 minutes. After that, I couldn't take it and threw the MGX up in there. I laid down on my bed in the traditional side laying method, closed my eyes and breathed.

I started doing soft contractions, which felt good but didn't do anything for me. So I went to very hard ones, which gave me a little more but nothing still. I eventually got fed up with that, and after 20 minutes I just relaxed. I decided to try something new at this point..

I contracted the sphincter as much as I could on it's own, and I felt something I never felt before – Very slight sensitivity. When I contracted the PC muscles, this sent a sensation to my naval area. I tried to repeat this but it was very exhausting and hard to concentrate on so I couldn't continuously repeat it. I went on with this for about 5 minutes, when suddenly I had a "falling asleep" sensation in my hands and toes, which quickly spread to my torso area. My breathing got VERY heavy and audible, I also slipped a few small moans. I was thinking to myself, I'm getting there. And then it died completely as it was too impossible to contract. I had no involuntaries, so it died off.