Something new has cum over the horizon

So reading advice on the forums and wiki, and listening to replies to my blog and forum posts made me try out a new idea – stop repeating what is failing in the past and do something new each time.

Today though before I could even try something new, I put my MGX in and laid back. I barely did a small contraction to get everything going, and as I held it, I immediately started spasming and had quite a few involuntaries… Nothing came from this, but this was the first time I experience involuntary movement.

I also took a trip to the store which was about a 3 minute walk away, leaving my MGX in… Boy that was my favorite walk. of course, I had no results from it but it was stimulating my prostate everywhere I went. There were a few stairs that I took that made me take a quick breath.

I am definitely adapting to this process that we call a "rewiring".. I will not be giving this up any time soon.

P.S: A feeling I haven't had before.. After I took my MGX out, I have a little tenderness in by testicles.. Sort of like blue balls. Perhaps I'm starting to finally get something out of this?

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  1. Keep it up. It wont happen over night but it will happen. Sounds like your body had a little bite at the cherry so to speak. Dont get over excited though.
    Everyone here wants you to succeed.

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