It Was the Night Before Christmas

Well I woke up this morning, and decided to give it another go.

About the same results as last time.. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and let sleep take me while I comfortably did small contracts. After a few minutes, over the course of a few seconds, something amazing built up "down there", and ran up my spine.

However, as soon as it began, my sphincter got real tight and tingly and once again I was unable to contract. I still have had no involuntary contractions. And the feeling went away before an orgasm was achieved.

I really wish I could experience involuntaries or at least a little taste of the Dry-O/Super-O. Oh well. Just gotta keep at it I guess.

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  1. Thats right just keep on going on.
    Forget the dry Os and super Os. Although IMHO the dry O is good fun I reckon the anal floating feeling together with the pleasure that this will bring is the best so far. I have nor had a super O yet As far as I know anyway!
    Maybe you might like to try sleeping with the aneros in over night. Its a good way to log up hours with it in.
    You never know your body might do some experimenting with it while your asleep.
    Before sleeping inject 5ml of waterbase lube and coat the surface of the aneros with Vaseline. It wont dry out on you then.If you have a bit of silicone lube 4mls of waterbase and 1 ml of silicon + Vaseline.

    I cant say for sure that this will speed up your journey but if you have a sexy dream your body will start to work the aneros even though you dont know it.
    Another way to get it to massage you is to have the aneros in and masturbate when you are close to going over the edge I am sure you will feel your prostate grinding against the aneros. You might not get heaps of pleasure from it but the body is learning.
    Others may disagree but I think along the line of you are training your mind and body to think and act sexualy to the aneros device. You want your body to get horny just thinking about.
    Food for thought.
    keep riding things will get better but it will take time.

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