First Blog, and Journey Report #1

My first sessions were with the Helix, which failed to produce, and then I had to leave to Army Basic Training. Since graduation I bought the MGX, and was ready to try again.

So this was my fifth session, within 2 weeks. I decided to try some new things that were given to me on a forum post. Needless to say it was without anything intense, but I definitely got a new response this time.

I started by viewing stimulating videos and relaxing for 15 minutes. After that, I couldn't take it and threw the MGX up in there. I laid down on my bed in the traditional side laying method, closed my eyes and breathed.

I started doing soft contractions, which felt good but didn't do anything for me. So I went to very hard ones, which gave me a little more but nothing still. I eventually got fed up with that, and after 20 minutes I just relaxed. I decided to try something new at this point..

I contracted the sphincter as much as I could on it's own, and I felt something I never felt before – Very slight sensitivity. When I contracted the PC muscles, this sent a sensation to my naval area. I tried to repeat this but it was very exhausting and hard to concentrate on so I couldn't continuously repeat it. I went on with this for about 5 minutes, when suddenly I had a "falling asleep" sensation in my hands and toes, which quickly spread to my torso area. My breathing got VERY heavy and audible, I also slipped a few small moans. I was thinking to myself, I'm getting there. And then it died completely as it was too impossible to contract. I had no involuntaries, so it died off.

After this repeating round of disappointment after appearing to get somewhere, I gave up because I was frustrated once again.

I'm going to try again later tonight. Let's see how this does. I'm going to do the exact opposite of what I've been doing… Nothing. I am going to lay down relaxed on my side, and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. No matter if I get results or not.

Until next time…