Wow! Wow!

The other day I had a couple of sessions. One quickie in the afternoon before I went to work and one before I went to bed.
The early afternoon one was short but sweet and straight to the point. I had some "alone" time before I had to go to work, so with no one else in the house I figured that I better take advantage of it and enjoy a session. I was upstairs in my bed and got myself and my helix prepped for action with some astroglide and Vaseline. I got undressed and crawled into bed. I got on my left side, inserted and let things go.
Within minutes, my ass was grinding away, chomping at the bit on my helix. I could feel my cock swelling to a massive erection. My ass wanted more and I drew my right leg closer to my chest. My heartbeat was throbbing from my chest through my cock and down to my toes. My helix got latched onto my prostate was soon autofucking me. My breathing was hot and heavy, as I could feel the forst wave of a mini O building. I rolled onto my back and the quivers really started to occur. I couldn't take it anymore as I coud feel a major super O wash me away. Ahhh!!
Later that night I didn't plan on having a session I just wanted to go to bed and get some rest. Well, that didn't happen! Around 2am I found myself wanting to have some funtime. I went down to the basement, disrobed and got prepped for some hot prostate action. I assumed my usual position of arms and chest resting on an office chair on my knees with my legs either straight or croseed.
I took my time easing the helix into position landing the p-tab perfectly on the sweet spot. I didn't force any contractions, I just the let the weight of my diaphragm inhaling and exhaling contro the movement of the helix. One of the feelings I love is when my cock goes from totally flaccid to totally erect and engorged. I could feel my cock growing to an fully erect position. The helix started to go into hyper drive dancing in and out and all around my anus. My breathing increased and I started to moan softly as I was plummulled by helix. My contractions were becoming quicker and harder as I could feel precum rising through my cock.
The crazy thing was I was somehow able to bring my cock from erect to semi-soft and back to erect and fully engorged without thinking about it. That was so cool!
My anus was in total control. I didn't even need to think or act on having contractions. It was all being done for me. The sensations ebbed and flowed from extremely intense to mild and "calm".
The first major wave was building up. My body lurched forward and my legs extended until my feet landed on the wall behind me. The added pressure intensified the feelings.
I started to breathe and moan heavily. My left hand started to caress and pinch my left nipple. This put me over the edge. One of the best, if not THE best Super Os came crashing through my body. I was literally biting the skin webbing between my left thumb and pointer finger to quelsh the noises moans and Oh's I was making. I knelt on my knees and saw the dribbles of precum leaking from my cock. I started to lightly caress around the head to stimulate more precum to flow freely. it started to flow more covering my hand and then my ass started to throw back against hard against the helix. It wanted to literally get "fucked". My hips were thrusting back and forth as my right hand lightly held my rock hard cock. The sensations grew and grew as my ass got deeper and firmer penetration my the helix. My hips were thrusting so fast and my cock couldn't take it no more. I started to shoot large gobs of cum and I let out a loud OH as I came all over the floor and my hand. It was one of the most intense experiences I've had. WOW!

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  1. I long for this experience. Just received my Helix about 2 weeks ago and have not had any luck yet. With all the info it is a bit confusing. I will keep trying and hopefully experience the Bliss you have described. Any helpful feedback would be appreciated. Just reading about your experience is a turn on. I long to be fucked by my Helix! Help Wanted!


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