double the fun

This session was my longest to date and first using 2 models. Actually the length of this session could not have previously occurred without the comfort of the helix syn. Started with syn around 2 pm and went about my business. It felt great to have the syn up snug and being able to sit comfortably while driving and doing errands. My practice is just starting my fifth year and I have enjoyed all the advice on the forum.I have had success with aneros and Ksmo. Most of my sessions have been sublime. Not alot of involuntary spasms but waves of pleasure and dry o's for days. Actually all I do is cross my legs now and can have dry o's.
This session was different, as I said I put the syn in for a good three hours at this point I am having perineal and abdominal spasms. I read some porn to ramp up a bit before the wife was going to yoga. I switched to pro ice and laid down, by this time my prostate was humming. I put my ear buds on and enjoyed "ecstasy" by Kelly Howel. The hemisync sent me into zone and the pleasure waves kept building.I began to have a tingling sensation in my hips as I focused I started bucking wildly and my whole right side would begin to spasm and shake. Most notably my hand which I had a hard time feeling because of the deep body zone.The pro ice was bucking also as my prostate radiated pulses of pure pleasure engaging my entire body with waves of sensation and pleasure,this lasted for over 90 min. The wife came home got up removed ice had diner and enjoyed dry o's and echoes for days.