Final Thoughts of Peridise

For those that have been following my progress, I apologize for not taking care of this sooner. I had finished up my Peridise training about a month ago, and haven't really used it much since then. However, I figured now might be the best time to go over my usual training sessions with these wonderful little training tools.

For the most part, I would insert anywhere from the moment I get home (between 6-7pm) to about an hour before bedtime. On the days I insert upon getting home, I'll give myself a short half-hour to an hour session in bed or on the couch, just to get the blood flowing. This is always the same regimen, with 5-10 minutes of relaxation, followed by 20 minutes light exercise (inhale and contract, exhale and relax). If it goes to an hour, then I'll try and maintain medium contractions (minimum 50%) for as long as possible (usually between 1-3 minutes per) while keeping the rest of my body relaxed. These are straight PC contractions, mind you, as I don't involve any other muscles until I can really focus on not only the sensations, but also the muscular fatigue.

Once I'm in bed is when I really push my muscles as hard as I can. This is when I will try to maintain strong contractions for as long as possible (up to 5 minutes at times), alternating between PC, anal (sphincter), and rectal/abdominal contractions. This tones the muscles, and at the same time helps to develop the difference between the major muscle groups. Once I feel the heat expand from my core during relaxation is when I start combining contractions of different muscle groups (possibly rolling between them). This will usually get involuntaries going, and a few times I've had full body quaking going, though trying hard to subdue them as I'm lying next to a sleeping wife…

So for those worried about "timing" or "privacy", these can definitely be worn to bed and used prior to falling asleep. Some days I'll even keep them in throughout the work day, and only take them out after getting home (this is also after sleeping with it in, mind you). These really are incredibly comfortable, and are designed for extended wear. The sensations never get overwhelming, but if they do I make sure to bring a sandwich baggy with me to put it away for a while. Either way, I firmly believe that I would not have gotten so far in my progress without these amazing devices. While the Helix and MGX definitely started me on this journey, the Peridise was the perfect training apparatus to tone my anorectal musculature, which greatly improved the prostate (and anal) pleasure during sessions.

Honestly, there really wasn't much of a difference between the 18mm and 16mm. Sensations are more intense, involuntaries are more prominent when they happen, and the contact with the prostate is minimal to the point of teasing. Other than that, nothing else is different. Still only use a thin Vasoline coating, with 1-2ml of lube (lately synthetic, though water works just as well for overnight), and the exercises are the same as above. I guess the only new thing is that I'll go back to the 16mm after several MGX sessions and feel like I'm getting near a super O.

Now I'm just waiting until the Progasm Jr comes in and I can give a thorough review of that bad boy. Until next time, here's to a happy and healthy prostate!


  1. The lengths of your contraction amaze me. I can only hold for 5 seconds or so and the muscles slacken off their grip. The funny thing is I never have to do contractions to get involantaries happening they just start all by them selves.

  2. I don't HAVE to contract to get involuntaries going. If I'm relaxed enough, I can get them just by concentrating on the movement against the prostate and the sensations on )in?( the anus. The length of contractions isn't really important, as I can keep a 25% contraction going almost indefinitely )longest I've actually tried was about 15 minutes(. The strong contractions are harder to keep up, but since I've been practicing with the Peridise I can keep them going for minutes at a time. The nice thing is that when I release these strong/long contractions, I feel the warmth spread throughout the anorectal region, which is the blood rushing through the area. That's why I say these are great for "training", as you strengthen the muscles while getting the blood flowing through the area.

  3. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this up spyeg. Combined with your previous blog entries, there is a wealth of information here for anyone curious about the Peridise devices. I know it provided me with a lot of answers.

  4. No problem aneros44309. I understand you're in a situation that does not allow for frequent sessions, and I just wanted you to realize that you don't have to give all your attention to it. Not only that, but the Peridise will help with your regular session by forcing you to focus on something other than the penis in order to feel anything. Honestly, I learned that I really wasn't as tuned in to the subtle movements of the Aneros as I thought I was, which forced my inner eye to focus on sensations I knew were there but just couldn't feel. After about a week I was able to feel the very subtle movements, and now )almost a month later( I can feel every tiny shift, bump, pulse, etc as if they were huge movements. It really is just a matter of tuning in and learning to "feel" from a different source that has been neglected for most of your life.

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