Double the Pleasure

I had the house to myself before I had to go to work, so I decided to use my free time wisely. I took a nice hot shower to relax, then I prepped my helix and myself with some KY and Vaseline plugged in and climbed into bed. I started off on my left side with my left leg straight and my right knee bent. I just laid still and relaxed. I started to slowly rub my nipples with my fingertips and soon the sensations started to grow. I could feel my ass starting to follow my breathing patterns either fast or slow. I just lay there as the contractions started to intensify and my helix do its magic.
My cock was starting to get hard and engorged as the ptab and helix really started to hit the spots. But the constant rubbing of the sheets on my cock were starting to distract me. So, I decided to try to roll onto my back with my knees raised and my feet flat on the bed. I just lay still to allow my body to adjust to the new position and did some relaxation breathing and caressed my chest, belly and nipples.
The more I played with my nipples, the more intense my ass massaged the helix. Once again, my cock was hard as a rock and engorged sticking straight up. I had the resist the urge to rub and caress it. An extremely strong contraction helped to produce a spurt of precum to ejaculate from the head. A small yet steady stream leaked out.
I closed my eyes tight as I started to feel my legs starting to quiver. My breathing intensified as I could feel my heart pounding throughout my body from head to toe. My cock was absolutely aching. I started to pinch and squeeze my nipples harder as the feelings grew more intense. I started moaning and groaning longer and louder with every intense stroke of the helix deep inside my ass.
Now, my entire body was starting to shake and shimmy all over the place. the feelings were so intense and beautiful.
Finally, the music had reached it final crescendo and I had reached the promised land. My cock was still quivering from the intense dry O I had. I cleaned off the precum on the head and slowly massaged along the shaft. I needed more.
I removed the helix and pulled out a 8" x 1.5" dildo and lubed it up.
I placed it's base on the edge of the bed and faced the dresser mirror as I straddled myself over it. I grabbed the base with one hand with the other helped to guide it in my hungry ass. I got the "head" in and let my body adjust to it before going in deeper. I let go of it and slowly slid it deeper within me. I watched as it slowly disappeared into my ass. I placed my hands on my knees as I started to glide up and down,and side to side. I started to do some contractions as head hit my prostate. This was entirely pleasurable, as I started grind away faster and faster. The deeper I went, the more precum started to release.
I was able to come right off it and then slam my ass down to the base driving myself hotter and hotter with every stroke. I started to twist and pinch my right nipple with my left hand as I ran my fingers around and underneath the head to try to produce more precum. A spurt of precum released. I globbed it up and licked my fingers clean.
I started to stroke my cock harder and faster as I did tight circles with my hips around the dildo.
I couldn't take it anymore. I used my left hand to rub my p-spot and balls as I feverishly rubbed my cock with my right.
I watched myself as I finally had spew a massive load of cum onto the towel on the floor beneath me. Cum was dripping off my hand and from my cock as I headed for the shower…

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