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I'm about to start My new experience with the in aneros and I'm a little nervous does anyone have any comments or tips I can get for a newbie


  1. Hey Collegeboi2424,
    Since no one has given you an answer yet, I thought I'd help out…by the way, most of these tips are found in the main forum under the Wiki. Also, just a suggestion…the forum is the best place to ask and get answers to questions. The blog is more of a place for you to journal about your experience. No hard and fast rules to this, just trying to give you the general use.

    Tips to Exploring and Enjoying:
    1. Right State of Mind/What to Avoid – Both relaxation and arousal is essential. That may seem like a contradiction but I assure you it's not. You need to be relaxed to get an erection after all )and although erections aren't necessary to enjoy your Aneros sessions, they can be fun(. Make sure you have a quite, private place to relax and enjoy each session. This may be more difficult if you live at home with parents/siblings or have room mates. But, you can always plan your sessions around when you have a couple of uninterrupted hours when someone is not around. This "uninterrupted time" is kind of critical, as fear of being discovered or being too loud could inhibit you from letting go and just relaxing, which is an essential frame of mind for enjoying anal and prostate pleasure. To ramp up arousal, you may find it helpful to refrain from masturbating and ejaculating for several days before a session. It's also recommended that while you're engaged in learning that you abstain from masturbating your penis and ending with ejaculations as this can keep you focused on what you're used to and not as observant of the new sensations you're attempting to cultivate.
    2. Clean out – Some would disagree with me but "junk in the trunk" makes it hard to relax for me for fear of having a foul mess to clean up and it also makes the journey uncomfortable. I use several flushes of plain, warm water delivered via a rectal bulb and syringe )available at drugs stores in the U.S.( even though I'm very regular. I just like feeling clean. Some like to shower to be extra clean for a session and help relax. While this is nice, I often don't have the time for this elaborate prep unless I'm traveling and staying in a hotel.
    3. Use plenty of lube – I insert some internally )5-10 milliliters(, which I've warmed in a sink with body temp water, using a children's medicine syringe. Probe Think and Rich is my brand of choice. It is natural, made from plant material and it doesn't use glycerine, which can make you feel like you have to take an immediate dump. I use a think coating of Vaseline on my Aneros of choice and then an additional coating of Alboline on the Aneros. This will last a long time.
    3. Warm the Aneros – Using the same warm water in the sink that I use to warm the lube, I warm the Aneros. A cold Aneros is preferred by some but it helps relax and loosen my muscles and always warms up my prostate a tad.
    4. Relax and go slow when inserting – If you're not used to anal fingering or having something up there, it will be an unaccustomed sensation at first. Take it slow and trust me, your anal sphincters can stretch to accommodate quite a lot if you take it slow, relax into things, don't hold your breath and relaaaaxxxxx!
    5. Engage your nipples – The nerves that provide sensation in the nipples connect through the vegas nerve to the prostate and anal area. By using some of your oil-based lube )like the Alboline( on your nipples and gently tickling and circling them, you'll find you can ramp up the sensations in your anus and prostate. this takes time to develop so be patient here and just enjoy any new sensations of pleasure, no matter how faint at first.
    6. Enjoy the journey – unlike a traditional masturbation session, the goal here is not to stroke and shoot then fall asleep. This is a journey where you want to savor the feelings along the way…not a sprint to cum at the finish line. In this sense, it is more like meditation or any new kind of physical or body training )typing, learning to ride a bike, etc.(. It takes time for it to feel natural. But, once those feelings come, it will become second nature. In this regard, it may help you if you refrain from traditional ejaculations for several days.
    7.Try variation in both the Aneros units you use and by varying your sessions. For example, you may find the pleasure ramped up by having a session for an hour, taking a couple hour break and then coming back for round two. You may also find using one model for session one and then another for the next keeps you from developing a kind of muscle memory in your prostate and pelvic muscles…a phenomenon that happens when you work out other parts of your body using the same routines all the time. After several weeks, your muscles adapt and stop experiencing growth. You want to avoid that here as well, which is why changing things up from session to session or every couple weeks can take results to a new level.
    8. Patience – Finally, this is something new and like all new things, it takes time to get the hand of it, let alone master it. Give yourself the freedom to explore, the notice new feelings along the way and don't be judgemental or down on yourself if it seems like you're not progressing as fast as some. Each person's background and desires are different. But, it's worth the journey. You'll find the forum members very helpful in the process.

    Happy exploring!

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