Now I understand it

* Tingling around the abdomen
* Constant, quick involuntary contractions
* Rock solid erections
* Breathing kept things going
* Dry-O

My last proper session was a dud, but that's likely due to either anxiety or lack of arousal )or both(. Few days later I tried the Progasm, to see if a change in model would spur anything new. It did, in fact, and the results were quick – but due to supposed internal haemorrhoids, the session was aborted quickly. Bummer.

But regardless – the session last night was pretty great. I felt horny, and looked forward to a session, albeit I figured the anticipation would kill it. Not at all. About half an hour into it, the sensations would build primarily from my breathing. It helped a lot to focus on the inner-feelings of the anus with the Aneros. I think I even felt the prostate being touched.

At one point, when trying different positions, my erection grew to a point where it felt like it was ejaculating. Maybe this was the Dry-O? Nontheless there was a constant, warm and sweet feeling from the PC muscles and anus. I felt this before in my previous entry and I did not expect to have it occur again.

What a great session. Even afterwards I feel the results of the Aneros, although that may just be the effect of abstaining more than anything. Will try another session tonight, but I won't be surprised if it's a dud.

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  1. Glad that you are now making such good progress. I identify with focussing on inner feelings – it is what is doing it for me too, along with a degree of ejaculatory abstinence.

    Anxiety is a bummer, and yes it does upset sessions for me.

    This process get's more and more like the things that influence female multiple orgasms all the time )or so I read(. Perhaps this should not be surprising?

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