First blog – A History of my Anus.

Hi there! I've been interested in prostate massaging and the Super-O for years now but only just registered to be a part of this community, if you'll bare with me I'll explain what's brought me here.

I'd first heard about all this lark about 6 years ago, when I was perhaps younger than I'd like to admit, I'd became very interested in anal play. Before I'd bought myself any proper sex toys I'd really enjoy sticking miscellaneous and probably unsafe items up my bum. I knew where the "sweet spot" was because I'd like to press into it really hard.

When I was about 16/17 I managed to get my first ever sex toy, not an Aneros device but a Nexus Glide. I remember getting home with it, being giddy, it was barely out the packet before I'd lubed it up and stuck it in me. I read a lot relating to prostate massaging from many parts of the internet, although Googling "hands-free orgasm" only ever gave me information on women's orgasms – not that useful for somebody with a penis.

I'd had numerous sessions but, with hindsight, I'd fallen into the trap that many Aneros users have fallen into: impatience, expectations and trying too hard. I'd have nice sessions which at their peak gave me waves of a dull orgasmic pleasure. It was still fun but I knew from other's that there was more. I'd still use the same toy every now and then, occasionally having periods where I'd use it multiple nights. I'd never prepared myself properly and still had expectations of more traditional penile orgasm. I started to doubt everything I'd heard, thinking it was mere myth and cynically a marketing tool to get people to buy sex toys, and I haven't used the toy since I was 19.

I'm 21 now. Since then I've changed a bit, I've become a lot more interested in the world of sex. I've started to see it as a global landscape of weird kinks, to really appreciate the variety of human sexuality. Something got me thinking about all this talk of prostate orgasms, and I was curious again.

I found myself reading the Aneros Wiki, seeing troves of information I hadn't found years ago. I decided to get back on the horse, I invested in the real deal, an Aneros Helix Classic. It's a lot better formed than the Nexus Glide, I found it hit the sweet spot quite nicely and rather quickly after insertion.

My first session with my new toy brought me right back to having my first sex toy, so giddy and excited. I inserted it and I was perplexed at just how different it felt, I relaxed and really took notice of the feelings. I've made an effort to do that, not just focus on the pleasure but of everything: the p-waves, the occasional waves of orgasmic pleasure, the quivering, the shivering. This has been building up for me in the last few months.

Recently I've been re-examining how I'd went about using the other toy of mine, learning from my mistakes and the experience of those who've contributed to the wiki. Mostly I've found myself on an escalating slope in terms of progress, although it seems to be the way that I'll have a good session and the next couple are a bit crap, and then I'll have a *really* good session. It's a bit up and down but I am enjoying the journey. I do feel very accomplished when I realise "Oh wait, I've passed that milestone".

So where am I today? Well the night before last I had the best session I've ever had. Rather than what I usually do which is lie on my side, I attempted what was described on the Wiki as the "Tug-of-War". I laid on my back and flexed the PC muscle and anal sphincter. The session lasted an hour and it was the first time I'd actually been vocal. I started to feel a present sensation of pleasure all over my body and releasing some of the needy tension required me to be quite loud. I felt that itchy feeling of pleasure stronger than ever and my sphincter was quivering more than it had ever done before. Every now and then I'd get what I believe to be a mini-O, an orgasmic feeling emanating from deep within me and flowing up my body. I genuinely believed for a moment that this was it, I'd reached the holy of holies, the super-O… and then it subsided… slowly… the pleasure started to lift.

I felt a little disappointed but I'd had a good time. I realised shortly after what the problem was: my intestine had decided I needed the toilet. I find it's a constant issue I have with any of my anal toys, I just can't stay clean back there long enough. I'm considering changing my diet, maybe that'll help! Turns out stopping there was probably a good idea, just as I'd stopped I heard the front door open as my flat mate came home – would've been embarrassing for him to come back to my howling.

I'm considering another session tonight, though I'll need to have a security sock on stand-by.

Anyway, if you've read the full thing, thanks. I'm hoping to share my experiences with others and learn from others. Please leave any comments you have below, any advice you care to bestow will be well appreciated. 😀