-less on demand

-less Sessions – Lovely little gems.

Up until lately, they've been involuntary and unpredictable.

Well, had a few minutes of alone time this morning. I concentrated on my prostate and used sense memory to recall the bliss of a buzzing prostate. And, sure enough, the buzzing commenced and I had some lovely orgasms.

I had never done that before. Guess what I'll be doing a lot more of now?




  1. 😀 😀 Ah man, another grand ceremoanial chamber of ecstatic luxury in the Orgasmic Energies Memory Palace!!!

    Lifetime membership possibilities granted with each Aneros model you master or masters you!!~~!!~~!!~~~~~


    Congratulations friend brine!! Hugs man!!

    all the very best adept life and less and more at will all


  2. congrats man! gave me some buzz just reading your post…reminds me to try "less" a lot more too! :(

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