My 21 (actually 23) Day Challenge

My 21 Day Challenge

I was encouraged by one of my Aneros friends to take up the 21 Day Challenge. It is a challenge to refrain from ejaculation for 21 Days. There are benefits, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

During the time I was on the challenge (which ended up to be 23 days), I learned and experienced a great deal of things.

– I do have the discipline to pleasure myself and keep from cumming.
– There are many ways to enjoy my penis; it was fun finding new ways.
– I have a big capacity to be orgasmic.
– Arousal and the ensuing pleasure needs to be savored.
– I found out that I can have penile orgasms without cumming. And it’s amazing.
– Ejaculation is a terrific thing.
– Edging is more about enjoying the pleasure than refraining from going too far.

I waited to “graduate” until the right time worked out.

I was comfortable, warm, alone, and ready. I edged for about 20 minutes, first. The whole time looking forward to what was to come. There was a sense of relief knowing that I no longer had to control things, but just let it flow. I was A-lessing the whole time too. My whole body was involved in the orgasms, prostate and penile.

To All of My Aneros Friends

This last Friday, a great relief and release was experienced by my family. My father, 90 years old, who has suffered with Parkinson's disease for several years, passed away on Friday morning. Yes, it is bittersweet, but overall a good thing. He's with my Mom and many other loved ones – and no longer suffering. He went while he was asleep, peacefully. Thank you, Lord.


Fourth Audio Recording Posted

Hey gents,

Posted my fourth audio session at:

The Classic Helix was my first Aneros and it my only Aneros for about four years. It took me a VERY long way on my Aneros journey. It still knows how to push the right buttons.

Enjoy. I'd love to hear your reactions.

Big thanks to euphemistic for setting up the site and posting the files.


Third Recorded Aneros Session is Posted

Hey, friends,

My latest recording of an Aneros session has been posted. It's about 30 minutes and features my Classic Eupho.

Here's the site:

HUGE thanks to euphemistic for setting up this site for us. Collaboration at its best.

Let me know what you think.


Recording Number Two

It has been TOO long since I've done several things:

1. Had a session
2. Written a blog entry
3. Made an audio recording of one of my rides

Well, I accomplished all three today. I had an unexpected day off from work due to severe weather. So, I took advantage of the alone time. I had a session and did an audio recording of it. I sent it to Euphemistic to post on his audio session site. It should be up tomorrow.

So, got all three things done today.

GREAT session today!


Ahhhhhhhhh, so calm


So, calm and quiet and satisfying today. No major earthquake orgasms or body shivers. It was just the sweet, content, peaceful union of my prostate with the rest of my body.

Warm, gentle caresses and waves of joy. Felt so right and so good.

This journey is never boring at all.

By the way, my Progasm Audio Session Recording can be found at:

Thanks, @euphemism for putting the site up.




First of all, I want to let you know that I made a 30 minute audio recording of my session. If you would like a copy, send me your email, Yahoo Messenger name, or Skype name, I'll be happy to share.

Well, I got my Progasm about three weeks ago. Did try it once, but I was too tired. It felt good, but not much happened. I knew it wasn't going to do much. So I stopped.

This afternoon, I found myself with a chunk of time.

I inserted it – it DOES take time. It's a big one!

Anyway, within about five minutes it began to tickle my prostate, ringing my doorbell. The pleasure waves began washing over me. I began to feel it build up. It did and in a few minutes, it began to peak and I shuddered with a huge orgasm.

But then something different happened. Different than what is usual with sessions using my other Aneros massagers. I began to "float" down to a very calm place, gently landing back on the ground. And when I got there, I felt satisfied and peaceful, but still buzzing.

This happened four more times, each time rising more slowly, reaching higher, and floating down further. It felt like riding a roller coaster, each time the first hill got higher and the fall down went deeper.

Almost fainted…

Losing consciousness is not a goal of mine at all. But, when the session gets so intense and deep that it causes me to be hardly able to move or control anything and I nearly faint – unconsciousness looks pretty good.

Holy cow!! My -less session this morning, aided by chat with my amazing encourager, artform, was such a session.

In the deepest parts of the session, I felt my eyes rolling back into my head and I almost felt like I was being held down. But, at the same time my body was bucking and arching in bliss. Still, I couldn't move my arms. It was insanely crazy.

Thanks, again @artform!!


Trustworthy Friend

Never has my friend, the Helix Syn, failed me.

Today was no different. Insertion was followed quickly by a lovely ride to deep, full-bodied orgasms.

Then my dear friend, artform, showed up and we shared some sweet energy exchanging, connecting the pleasures of two multi-orgasmic men. The intimacies shared between men who are rewired or rewiring are fantastic.

After that I had a chance to share with my pal, Mike. Again, a great time.

Glad I took advantage of the time alone today!

Thank you to my friends!