First of all, I want to let you know that I made a 30 minute audio recording of my session. If you would like a copy, send me your email, Yahoo Messenger name, or Skype name, I'll be happy to share.

Well, I got my Progasm about three weeks ago. Did try it once, but I was too tired. It felt good, but not much happened. I knew it wasn't going to do much. So I stopped.

This afternoon, I found myself with a chunk of time.

I inserted it – it DOES take time. It's a big one!

Anyway, within about five minutes it began to tickle my prostate, ringing my doorbell. The pleasure waves began washing over me. I began to feel it build up. It did and in a few minutes, it began to peak and I shuddered with a huge orgasm.

But then something different happened. Different than what is usual with sessions using my other Aneros massagers. I began to "float" down to a very calm place, gently landing back on the ground. And when I got there, I felt satisfied and peaceful, but still buzzing.

This happened four more times, each time rising more slowly, reaching higher, and floating down further. It felt like riding a roller coaster, each time the first hill got higher and the fall down went deeper.

And, another difference – Usually during a session my cock goes hard and soft and hard and soft throughout. This time I stayed soft the whole time, except for the last Super O, when I finally got rock hard.

The whole experience was fantastic. Going to take a rest from the Progasm for a day or two, then give it another ride again.

I do wish I had thought about recording sessions a long time ago.