Great Saturday Morning

I woke up around 7am and had a nice relaxing time getting set for insertion. I did my enema thing to "flush the pipes" and used a syringe to inject some lube in my anal cavity. Then I inserted the progasm nice and slow… as I moved it around to stroke my prostate, I felt wonderful sensations and I started to leak fluid out my cock. I then took a nice ling hot shower with the progasm still in. After getting dried and shaving )top & bottom(, I slipped back into bed with my still sleeping wife. I laid next to her and relaxed… allowing the progasm to do it's thing. I several very nice super-o's and felt very relaxed and warm. Whin my wife finally woke up, I gave her a nice long warm oil massage… 1st her back, then her front. I finished her massage by masterbating her. After she came several times, she begged me to fuck her. I let her stroke my cock to rigidness and then slipped it in her warm velvety pussy. We mad slow passionate love and as I clinched my perinium, the progasm was doing great things to my prostate… when we finally came together, I had quite the explosion of cum that leaked out all over the sheets… Oh well, that's wat a washer is for. The progasm really provided me with great orgasms and left me with that well used feeling.