Should i say something?????

Hey guys. This post will be totally different then my other ones. This post actually has nothing to do with me. As I stated a few blogs ago my dad caught me while I was having a HFWO during my session. Well we talked about it for a few minutes and I thought that would be the end of it. So one day he came into my room one day )I was actually on the site dry o'ing with a A-less session( and he wanted to talk about the product again. I calmed my breathing down to speak clearly so he wouldn't think any thing. He started to ask me how I found out about the site and just seemed really inquisitive about it all.

Since I was on the site i just told him to pull up a chair. He was looking at all of the different devices and asked me what they did. I pulled up the wiki site and we were just reading it. He kind of was enjoying the information he was getting. He asked me what made me get the small one. I giggled and told him that it was a first timer toy so it was a easy choice. But I know why he really asked that. My last boyfriend was very well endowed so he was shocked I picked something so small. I had to inform him in a nice ungrossed out way that it doesn't work like a penis it has a designated place and not for long stroking.

I saw once I informed him of that he kind of was into it. My dad and mom have been married for 34 years with four grown kids. I don't know about my dads sexual past but the fact that i told him it's not like being fucked he saw it as a good thing. Since my mom was gone shopping it was just him & I. So I really wanted to see if he was really into it so i pulled up xtube to go to some aneros vids. Didn't want to show him mind thought it might be to weird. I actually found a black guy using one and the waves he got was hot and sexy. His body moved and jerked around and he was moaning like crazy. I was so into the vid I didn't know my dad was just as glued to the computer screen as I was.

We watched two more of the same guy and then he ended out lesson. lol I'm thinking to myself saying i think he's gonna get one just a matter of time. Before he left I asked him did he like the vids and he said yes, he informed they didn't turn him on but they for some reason were really nice. He then looked at me and said,"he just looked so happy as he came". He said with a smile too. Like a sexual light bulb went off in his head. I wasn't even grossed out as we talked, I think his calmness and eagerness is what calmed me down to talk more about it with him.

So he left and i began to dry o some more to the guys vids. So fast forward to a week later. My parents went on a dinner date with there friends. I was home alone so you know what I was doing. legs shaking, loud moaning and the place smelled of lust. So after the session was over I had to take a shower. So i get out the shower and I'm rapped in a towel looking for some lotion. I go into my parents room to get some)my mom has gallons of smell good lotions not good for lube though( and I see that the printer in there room is still on. I wipe the access lotion off my hands and go to turn it off.

As I get closer to the table I see a receipt for Aneros with a pin number and delivery date. OMG he bought one. he really did it. I was so scared of getting caught i didn't see which one he bought but I did noticed that he wasn't getting it shipped to the house. He's getting it shipped to his office at work. That's weird. I mean I was grossed out at first cause he was interrupting one of my sessions but I got over that. I really wish he would have came to me. I guess if i see he can't keep still or is smiling all the time I will know he has gotten it. But the reasoning for this post is should I say something to him. Like should I bring up that he has a prostate device or try to warn him about the feelings he will get and how to control.

Not to be selfish since he don't know I know maybe I can guilt him into buying me another one cause I know he's not gonna tell my mom. I know its wrong but I really want a MGX and I can steal and try his cause your not suppose to share sex toys. help me guys should I say something?