Im turning 30 in four months an I so intubed with my sexual apetite that the simplest thing can get me going an I can ride it til the sun comes up. I feel like my prostate has grown the size of a watermellon. A simple tap with a toy sends me into a shaking blissful orgasmic ride that I never want yo get off.

My prostate, my heart an my brain are so intuned that even my a-less sessions arr mind blowing. I now have distance my self from porn jump starting my sessions an now I read erotic stories online or listen to very scriptive audio of men gooing an orgasming off of there own penises. The grunt of a man tugging at his own meat while his hole is plugged is so hot to hear. I now wear my toys majority of the day. They gove me suprise joits of pleasure that keep me smiling thru out the evening. My prostate is so trained now from all of the countless sessions I end each one with just pouring out cum with out even touching my dick. It some mtimes oozes an then other times it gets on my chest an even in my beard.

I love my toys an I appreciate my prostate for all the pleasure they both have brought me. So glade I found this site an found my sexual liberation.

Dildo vs Aneros

I have seen a lot of post about is dildo the next step after aneros or does anal play make me gay? Those are questions that you must find the answer to within yourself. But as a openly gay male I will give you my in tell on how the two aneros or real thing are totally different.

Firstly when I got introduced to aneros I was already sexually active. I’ve had a few boyfriends and sex toys but this experience was different. For me when i placed the lubed up Helix Syn in it just rested in my hole. It just sat there. I had done my research prior but was still confused. As a few minutes passed it began to stir in me. It got my insides all fluttery. No man or toy has ever made me feel this way. With a dildo I just get cleaned out an probe my hole til I reach my sexual peak an then I orgasm. With aneros it is a slower steady pace build up to the orgasm. With a dildo I can control how it goes in an how far I want it to be in me. With aneros it is a designed size to just reach. Short and simple straight to the point.

Being rewired

I have been in this prostate journey for some years now an it’s crazy that my body still finds ways to sexually surprise me. I like to make far in-between journey entrys to really show I’m being authentic. So I have a few toys but it has come to my attention that my A-less sessions be the most exciting as of late. Just now I’m laying here righting this spent an still gasping for air. I decided to read a few erotic novels. It’s a great passtime of mine. The nastiest the better. So it’s it’s chilly here in the Midwest and I’m just in bed reading a nice hot an heavy story about a boy an his older lover having a epic sex battle. As I’m reading I feel a churning in my stomach an then my legs begin to shake. As I continue to read my dick just gets rock fucking hard. These stories always get me hot but has never kicked off a aneros session before. As I continue reading it’s getting harder an harder in my pants. I’m beginning to gasp for air cause this page I’m reading is getting so intense. I begin to leak precum as my body starts to shake uncontrolling. Trying to keep it together by calming my breathing as I’m mmo’ing back to back. I’m reading an churning and shaking an boom. As soon as the young reached his orgasm with his lover I began to stream globs of hot cum out if my now erect stiff penis. I couldn’t do anything but just let it happen. Oh it felt so damn good. I love having hfwo. Once you tap that prostate he continues to work even when you least expect it. I have been having after shocks the whole writing this. I am still so happy I found this site an learned about prostate play.

A old pal making me squirt

Once you become mastered in something it becomes repetitive to continue on about the same thing over and over again. I take little breaks from the site so when I come back I have a good tale to tell. Well last afternoons session was just that. I ride ever so often now. I can MMO and have a HFWO. Me and my prostate have become one. At one point I thought I was abusing him with my constant rides. I can feel great sensations with or without a toy with is also great. Prostate play has opened me up to really get to know my body. At 28 I am in tuned with my sexual needs and can get myself in some even better ways now because of it. Now into y session yesterday.

I had some free time with the parents gone. I mostly have been riding without a toy an just edging and having ruined orgasms. Which I have learned to love. But I was missing my old friends so I said hey why not let them get some summer fun in. I pulled out my Vice with the vibrator. I first turned on some binaural beats on Youtube. I dont need a kick start to get my juices flowing but I wanted to see if any new ones have been posted. I found one for men who wanted a anal pounding and long lasting anal orgasms. Ding ding ding we found a winner. I got on the floor so I could spread out, put my head phones in on high, lubed up my toy and got ready for a great pounding.

No Sexual Activity

I love to ride my toys an I have a few to choose fro. From butt plugs to prostate messagers to 9-12 inch dildo’s. I have a great time with them all and i reach new heightened orgasms with each session I have. But my prostate an penis has to much fun. I play with myself at least once a day. I have to have a wet explosive orgasm a day. I’m young an have to get my nut out. I become cranky without it. Either I’m rubbing my hole or sticking a finger or two inside me to ease my roaming and vibrating prostate that gets constant action. An don’t get em started on y porn collection. I have so many porn subscriptions on my tablet and computer I barely have enough money to buy new toys. But all of that is coming to a close.

Surf Bordt Surf Bordt

So my 11 days of edging and not cumming has ended. I had one of the most pleasurable orgasms to date. I had some slow music playing. I was but naked spread out with the evening sun gazing at my edger wanting body. I had a towel beneath me and my toys ad oil on deck. I slide my helix in with ease an then I put on a cock ring on my already stick throbbing cock. I had just bought some new porn and was was ready to get my moneys worth. I was so ready but i didn’t know if I wanted to rush my orgasm or prolong it like i been doing for the past 11 days. So i lubed of my shaft an turned my porn on to a hot young guy being penetrated but a older fella with hairy balls an a long veiny cock. I knew that it was gonna take me over the edge.

So as I’m stroking to this hot scene I am getting closer and closer to my destination or pleasure and then I decided to push it back down. Oh my penis was upset with me but me and my hand was in control tonight. I edged my penis for at least a hour. I was moaning like crazy. When i really get into it i moan and whimper like a in-heat female dog an baby i was howling. I just couldn’t control myself. Then my nipples felt neglected so I had one hand stroking my penis passionately an the other hand was groping my left man boob. I was yanking on it as if milk were gonna come out. I was in utopia of orgasmic bliss and I didn’t want to escape this beautiful feeling.

The Art of Edging

I like to push my limits when it comes to sexual stimulation. ie a bate session or a prostate probed orgasm. So every time when my birthday comes around i like to edge myself up til no return but still have o wet orgasm. It teaches me about stamina and boundaries and how far sexually in my mind I can go. I sometimes jerk off with toys inside me an sometimes not. I jerk off with lube and without. I get to a full body orgasm with watching porn an doing kegel muscle exercises and some with out. Its really a learning experience i put myself through an it feels good in the process.

Well my birthday is on the 11th of this month (9/11) an i am already on day 8 of just jerking off an edging with no ruined orgasms or wet orgasm to erupt. I have done the 21 day challenge but that is with me not watching any porn or masturbation or penetration at all. It was hard but I got through it. This challenge I put my self through is a lot easier but still has is difficulties within it. I can edge myself up for hours. I have had my cock so swollen that i ached an i just breathed through my mouth an let the xstacy feeling leave my body. Its a high i like but it sometimes takes a few minutes to come down from it.

Still here and still letting Aneros use me any way it wants

Hey guys. I have neglected my Aneros family for way to long. I’m still riding and still having full body orgasm frequently. I’m writing this today to inform you all on a new way i ride my toys. I usually just lay on my back with my hands stroking my nipples an letting the toy do its job. But i saw a masturbation video of a guy on his side with his cock and balls slid between his legs an he rocked back ad forth til he had a beautiful full body wet orgasm. I was amazed ad turned on by this to the point i wanted to try it myself. But wondered how different it will be with a toy tapping my prostate.

So I cleaned out got on my side ad slid my cock and balls between my legs as I saw in the video. My cock is long but my thighs had a tight grip on them an they were not gonna come from beneath my legs. It was a funny feeling but it turned me on to the point of already having erect nipples. They have been very active lately to the point that if i don’t rub them once a day they ache in anticipation. So with me just being on my side i quickly started to have mini-o’s. I breathed them through and they felt amazing. So that gave me the green light to insert my progasm ice.

I felt every drop

Hello my fine gentlemen. I write this still with a smile on my face from last nights session. So In a previous blog I wrote I was doing the 21 day challenge of not having a wet orgasm. I have doe it before but with a few years of prostate play under my belt I wanted to see how different not coming for a long period of time would effect me. It was hard trust me it was hard but yesterday was today was date between me and my glorious hard rigid penis to finally have the big bang of a orgasm.

It all started by me coming to the site ust to relax with my aneros brothers. I got into the chat and saw all of my old buddies i started here with IE Brine DJblackknight & the teacher Runel. Even a few new guys that I have been seeing recent was even there too. We were all just chatting when someone brought up who will be riding tonight. It was 11 pm then. So we all join in and said we were. So instantly we all just pulled out our toys and began to ride. I actually had to clean out so it took me a few minutes to get started but when I did It felt amazing. Maybe it was cause I was so at the edge that my prostate was just ready to finally push me over to cum or was it riding imaginary with my brothers.

I'm on the edge. The slightest movement can push me over.

Its officially been 15 days since my last wet orgasm. Whoo Hoo! But is been hard getting here. VERY HARD! How hard you may ask. Well let me tell you.

Since I have mastered the skill of edging I have not been able to steer away from putting my dick and balls through pleasurable pain of getting close to a beautiful wet orgasm and then knocked it back down to my already filled to capacity genitals. I mean I get some kind of sick pleasure out of seeing me at my peakiest point of erectness and then just slowing watching it deflate back down to its semi erect state. I love the feeling. I do. I have the record edging time of two and a half hours. I won't give my self the pleasure of cumming and I love. Now while I am edging i do have dry a-less orgasm. My prostate never wants to miss out on the fun neither so my ass hole will just pucker and kegel all on its own.