Still here and still letting Aneros use me any way it wants

Hey guys. I have neglected my Aneros family for way to long. I’m still riding and still having full body orgasm frequently. I’m writing this today to inform you all on a new way i ride my toys. I usually just lay on my back with my hands stroking my nipples an letting the toy do its job. But i saw a masturbation video of a guy on his side with his cock and balls slid between his legs an he rocked back ad forth til he had a beautiful full body wet orgasm. I was amazed ad turned on by this to the point i wanted to try it myself. But wondered how different it will be with a toy tapping my prostate.

So I cleaned out got on my side ad slid my cock and balls between my legs as I saw in the video. My cock is long but my thighs had a tight grip on them an they were not gonna come from beneath my legs. It was a funny feeling but it turned me on to the point of already having erect nipples. They have been very active lately to the point that if i don’t rub them once a day they ache in anticipation. So with me just being on my side i quickly started to have mini-o’s. I breathed them through and they felt amazing. So that gave me the green light to insert my progasm ice.

I lubed up my shaved hole and toy and guided it in. With my cock head already pulsating from the mini-o the toy made it instantly leak a blob of pre-cum. I laid there doing shallow breathing to not overexcite myself. But no more then a few minutes with the toy inside me I began to shake an moan like crazy. My voice began to get higher and my whole chest felt like the air was leaving my body. I took hold of my nipples to give them a few tugs and that drove me wild. I was shaking and squirming on the floor in pure xcasty just letting the toy have its way with my hole. I could feel the pour of pre-cum slide down my leg onto the carpet. I felt amazing and did not want it to stop.

I began to rock and sway faster not knowing that the friction between my leg was giving my cock and balls a blissful feeling as well. It was like my legs squeezing my cock was masturbating it hard and rough just how I like my jack-off sessions. So my progasm is tapping my prostate my thick thighs are tugging my hard leaking cock an balls and my hands are ripping at my nipples. With all of it happening all at once my dick squirted out a powerful wet orgasm all over the floor. It was creamy and thick and well deserved. But y body gave me no breaks. Again an again an again my body contracted an released so many wet and dry orgasms i lost count. I began to become nervous i never have cum that many times in one session. I rolled on my back which released my cock an balls which took the pressure off of that. Then i released my toy from my edger hole who want more and just caught my breathe. I then cried a little. It was nothing else to do. My emotions got the best of me. I wasn’t sad it was in pure bliss that my body let me have so much fun with myself. It was great.