Progress in the Bedroom

All day yesterday, I was looking forward to my planned session for last night. In the evening, to my surprise, I got a wink from my wife to step in the bedroom for love making, something that had not happened for months (yeah, I know!). Well she was surprised at how hard my erection was while it is usually almost non-existent. I really had to work hard to get one as this 61 year old prostate had been lazy for quite some time (probably a case of BPH). She was also surprised (and so was I) at how long I was able to last before orgasm to the point where I had to speed thing up when she was getting sore. Another surprise for her was the load I delivered but I was not due to my occasional Aneros Super-T sessions. Not being aware of my curricular back door activities, I did not venture to explain the reasons for my signs of rejuvenation. More to come with progress in the future.

Once my part was done, we continued to play and she climaxed several times. It escapes me as to why someone who can have half a dozen good orgasm per session does not like to have sex more often than every several months. That’s another topic altogether.
Later in the evening, when she went to bed, I stayed in the basement TV room, lubed up and inserted my Progasm Ice. Having climaxed with ejaculation, my expectations of anything was extremely low so I opted to spend my two full hours trying the ‘do nothing’ method. I had tried several times before but I get bored quickly and distracted often so I usually end up doing contractions with nip-play to get something. As expected, very little happened during the two hours so once again I started some contractions for an additional 15 to 20 minutes. The feeling I was rewarded with made my session less of a dud.

All this to say that I am seeing great improvements in my conjugal sex since I started massaging my prostate 6 months ago. I also know my rewiring is far from complete but I’m encouraged to continue the hard but delicious task of progressing forward.
My next session will be tonight, and again with no expectations. One day soon I will write a blog giving the details of my experience into the next world of epic proportion.