Saturday morning, 7/2/16 session, oh those Aneros smaller models

Hi guys,

I am rediscovering the Aneros smaller model in a new, more exciting way these days.

I will brief in saying that Eupho Syn and Helix Syn have that soft, daft touch which make my educated prostate and anal areas with surrounding musculature turn wild with erotic delight. Eupho Syn is slimmer but a little longer than his older brother, Helix Syn. Eupho Syn like Eupho Classic dances when I use him.

Also I like how Progasm Junior “locks” in place as I use him. Tempo with his heavy heft pours fuel on my erotic fire.

As always, I came away from the session with amazing Aless! I may have a session before I go to bed late tonight. Take care!