“Would I Recognize A Prostate Orgasm If I Tripped Over It?”

I kind-of backed-into this session quite by accident. Here are the details as I remember them……

I was up not too early and since it was a beautiful night (very cool for July) I decided to catch a few winks on my favorite couch. [I just had a BM so I decided to lay-down, just relax and perhaps do a few contractions.] I began to do the slightest ‘whisper’ contractions and ‘thought’ contractions as I have done in the past. This felt really good; I kept it up for a while, realizing that I am again heading to an Aless ‘nirvana-like’ state once again. After a while, however, I began to feel a strange sensation like a prostate-horniness and an overpowering ‘fantasy-sequence’ that I am preparing myself for penetration by my male lover. I don’t know where this came from but it felt so real. So I ‘positioned’ myself on the couch for the rendezvous and waited. As I re-positioned myself on my right side, I suddenly felt an overpowering prostate quivering like I remember all-too-well from my Aneros sessions. It was a prostate orgasm! Perhaps a Dry-O (or two!) OMG! My entire body spasmed as it sometimes did during a Super-O! I can’t stop these orgasms now and I am completely blown away! I can only stay in position (I felt paralyzed with pleasure) and let these feelings wash-over me. How long did this last? Not really sure, but I think it was at least an hour.

Conclusion: Believe it or not, I needed another BM at the completion of this session! This would explain the extra pressure put on the prostate but I didn’t know it until the very end. In any event, I’m glad I ‘tripped-over’ these orgasms on my way to the bathroom! I will remember this ride and see if I can re-create it again in the near future!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/would-i-recognize-a-prostate-orgasm-if-i-tripped-over-it/