The Art of Edging

I like to push my limits when it comes to sexual stimulation. ie a bate session or a prostate probed orgasm. So every time when my birthday comes around i like to edge myself up til no return but still have o wet orgasm. It teaches me about stamina and boundaries and how far sexually in my mind I can go. I sometimes jerk off with toys inside me an sometimes not. I jerk off with lube and without. I get to a full body orgasm with watching porn an doing kegel muscle exercises and some with out. Its really a learning experience i put myself through an it feels good in the process.

Well my birthday is on the 11th of this month (9/11) an i am already on day 8 of just jerking off an edging with no ruined orgasms or wet orgasm to erupt. I have done the 21 day challenge but that is with me not watching any porn or masturbation or penetration at all. It was hard but I got through it. This challenge I put my self through is a lot easier but still has is difficulties within it. I can edge myself up for hours. I have had my cock so swollen that i ached an i just breathed through my mouth an let the xstacy feeling leave my body. Its a high i like but it sometimes takes a few minutes to come down from it.

I have slept with my helix an a cock ring an let my mind go to town as I sleep. I have been surprised that as I get older i get hard on’s quite frequent. I could be thinking or doing nothing sexual at the time an I just begin to bone up with a leaking rock hard rode in my underwear and shorts. The heat here in the midwest have spared a few of my full body orgasms clear blue out of no where. Also every time there’s a full moon i leak so much pre-cum that i sleep with a towel beneath me cause it soaks up y sheets pretty fast. I have no idea how the moon gets me so charged up but it does. So i have 3 more days to edge up a then i get to explode. It will be a shower of cum that i cant wait to bathe in.